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Re: Super Smash Bros 3ds - 018-0516 error code, HELP 8 hours ago by ARKUS849 ARKUS849
Help Me! 12 hours ago by MUAZ-ZX MUAZ-ZX
USB Headphones 14 hours ago by ECYLISIS ECYLISIS
Re: ok...3ds hesitates to launch things now.. 15 hours ago by SHADOWHUNTER SHADOWHUNTER
Re: NNID Transfer for missing 3DS taking longer than anticipated 15 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE ONE-OF-THREE
Re: TWO Pokemon Demo codes? 16 hours ago by 3DMARIOBROS 3DMARIOBROS
Re: whatcan I use as a protective case? 16 hours ago by 3DMARIOBROS 3DMARIOBROS
Re: youtube app randomy shutting don w/o any error message? 16 hours ago by 3DMARIOBROS 3DMARIOBROS
Re: 3DS Wi-Fi and Local Play disfunctional 16 hours ago by GLACIUSX25 GLACIUSX25
Re: 3ds transfer question 16 hours ago by GLACIUSX25 GLACIUSX25
Re: I JUST got a brand new 3DS XL last night,but 17 hours ago by BIRD246 BIRD246
I get error 429496-7295 while accessing the e-shop 17 hours ago by PSY_COMMANDO PSY_COMMANDO
Re: Animal Crossing New Leaf Error Code 018-0512 18 hours ago by NOA_TECH_JEFFREY NOA_TECH_JEFFREY
Pokemon X Update 1.3 Issue 19 hours ago by THEFANCYOWL THEFANCYOWL
Pokemon X is corrupting and freezing everytime! 19 hours ago by SANDERZ SANDERZ
Re: Trying to get Shantae Risky's Revenge back... 18 hours ago by XYPOKEMONFANXY XYPOKEMONFANXY
Re: Digital vs Cartridge 20 hours ago by SCIENTIST123 SCIENTIST123
Diancie untradeable 20 hours ago by EVILSNEASEL EVILSNEASEL
Re: All downloads dissappeared from Home menu-Can't read SD card 20 hours ago by ZAPPYMAN ZAPPYMAN
Re: Pin Reset Dilemma 21 hours ago by NOA_TECH_MATTHEW NOA_TECH_MATTHEW
3DS update Problem 20 hours ago by MILPHEEO MILPHEEO
Re: repairs still in due in status 21 hours ago by SNESNESCUBE64 SNESNESCUBE64
Re: 3DS XL SD card read error 1 day ago by GENERALFRISK GENERALFRISK
Re: pokemon X and Y online service errors 1 day ago by BLACKROZE88 BLACKROZE88
Re: Monster Hunter 3 Constant errors 1 day ago by KYOUKEN KYOUKEN