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Re: Photo Question 11 hours ago by KYOUKEN KYOUKEN
Re: Mii Plaza Puzzle Swap 16 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Re: Animal Crossing New Leaf Postoffice/Gift Error 1 day ago by JEP4 JEP4
Re: SD Card Troubles? 1 day ago by TEHKAPI TEHKAPI
Unable to access my Nintendo Network 1 day ago by CHIBATAKUMI1 CHIBATAKUMI1
Little Battlers EXperience 1 day ago by PRLAYTON94 PRLAYTON94
Re: Connection Problems: i can browse the net but cant connect to games 1 day ago by RHAVAGER RHAVAGER
Youtube Search not working 1 day ago by JESSKIANCALLIE JESSKIANCALLIE
Circle pad rubber peice fell off?(NOT SMB4 related.) 2 days ago by BIRD246 BIRD246
When doing a system transfer and there is damage to the system memory, will the damage carry over to the target system? 3 days ago by MTHEBEAST MTHEBEAST
No 3DS in our home can connect to the eShop as of 8/21st 3 days ago by MAADLUS MAADLUS
Save data on the cloud 3 days ago by M151PKMN M151PKMN
New Nintendo 3DS XL Randomly Shuts Itself Down When in Sleep Mode 3 days ago by SAGERAZIEL3377 SAGERAZIEL3377
Re: System Transfer from 3DS XL to New 3DS XL: "There is no DSiWare on the microSD Card." 3 days ago by SSTA SSTA
Re: SD Card Block Size 3 days ago by MYBOOMER MYBOOMER
SSB4 Error Code: 018-0516 please help! D: 3 days ago by OKIEDOKIEROKIE OKIEDOKIEROKIE
Help! My New Super Mario Bros. 2: Gold Edition 3DS XL keeps shutting off at random times 3 days ago by COMPAZ11 COMPAZ11
Help!!? 3 days ago by HCKYCRLR2 HCKYCRLR2
Controle de Pais 3 days ago by DANIELALMEIDA DANIELALMEIDA
Re: 3DS Water Damage? 4 days ago by AYAJANELLE AYAJANELLE
Pokemon X wifi 4 days ago by SAMI50000 SAMI50000
Re: Everything on my 3ds is gone.... 4 days ago by SSTA SSTA
My Nintendo 3DS not want to update 4 days ago by WWJONATHAN WWJONATHAN
Cant delete my nintendo network ID 4 days ago by TOMZ295 TOMZ295
Re: Omega Ruby Issues 4 days ago by REDGYARADOS111 REDGYARADOS111