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Re: 3DS Repair Incorrect color 4 minutes ago by ETHANATOR10000 ETHANATOR10000
Re: New 3DS transfer question 8 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
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Tomodachi life freezing? 12 hours ago by GDIEREN GDIEREN
Re: 3DS to 3DS XL and then back to the 3DS? 12 hours ago by PIE1251 PIE1251
Re: Lost save data and downloaded game. 14 hours ago by FORFUNS FORFUNS
Re: Nintendo 3DS XL Hand Cramps 16 hours ago by SCIENTIST123 SCIENTIST123
Nintendo 3DS eShop Error logs? 22 hours ago by CAMPERER CAMPERER
Re: 3DS games disapeared from SD card - Help! 1 day ago by PWKALT PWKALT
Re: Network ID problem 1 day ago by THECLAW THECLAW
Re: Help pokemon Y mysterious egg!!!! 1 day ago by NINKY64 NINKY64
Re: Nintendo network ID and Club Nintendo account questions 1 day ago by MARIO MARIO
Re: Can't tap or move. 1 day ago by TIDE0 TIDE0
Re: Replacing Circle Pad Cover 2 days ago by MARIO MARIO
Re: Transferring Games 2 days ago by LORDPICKLETON LORDPICKLETON
Re: Thinking of getting a new 3ds battery 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE ONE-OF-THREE
Re: Someone stole my 3DS and deleted my Nintendo Network ID. Can I recover my account? 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE ONE-OF-THREE
Re: I have a question about puzzle swap, can you help me? 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE ONE-OF-THREE
Re: Nintendo Network ID 2 days ago by HONINBOSHUSAKU HONINBOSHUSAKU
Re: New Game for 3DS "Mario Sunshine: 2" 2 days ago by REDTECH23 REDTECH23
Re: Why is the 3ds xl's outside shell made to be very vulnerable to scratches? 3 days ago by MARIO MARIO
Re: eShop Region Issues 3 days ago by 55044 55044
Re: Downloaded vs. Game card save 3 days ago by MARIO MARIO
Re: How much would it cost to repair the latch 4 days ago by MARIO MARIO
Nintendo E Shop not working 4 days ago by CHAULMERS182 CHAULMERS182