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TEAMROCKET-JAMES TEAMROCKET-JAMES Moving to a new 3ds. 48 1 5 hours ago by GLACIUSX25
II-64 II-64 Tomodachi life: Mini game help 249 1 10 hours ago by AHRGG2
RIVEREND RIVEREND Error Code 003-1101 172 3 10 hours ago by RIVEREND
JUMPMANDK JUMPMANDK Can I link My Son's 2DS To My Club Nintendo Account? 66 0 11 hours ago by JUMPMANDK
ZESTUM ZESTUM Messed up touch screen. 90 1 13 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
FRANKABUSS FRANKABUSS Error Code: 007-2913 116 1 13 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
JEREMYMOOZLE JEREMYMOOZLE Displaced Coloring on 3DS's Bottom Screen 100 1 13 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
TYLER10274 TYLER10274 Should I send my 3ds xl for repairs? 127 1 15 hours ago by REDTECH23
AHRGG2 AHRGG2 How can I change my Mii nickname on Miiverse for 3Ds? 142 3 15 hours ago by AHRGG2
PICARATCAKE PICARATCAKE Display issues with Ambassador games on 3DS XL 143 1 1 day ago by PICARATCAKE
RADIOACTIVV RADIOACTIVV HELP!!!! Tomodachi Life question 84 0 1 day ago by RADIOACTIVV
AEROL AEROL My Pokemon Y game doesn't work 129 1 1 day ago by AEROL
XOPANDAXO XOPANDAXO How to upgrade to a larger sized SD card? 78,245 10 1 day ago by RESUKEZERO
EGONZO EGONZO My girlfriends' 3DS was stolen, is there any way I can download the games it had into another console? 182 1 1 day ago by NIGHTFIRE5
ISAIAHGUTIERREZ ISAIAHGUTIERREZ color up dates 113 1 1 day ago by SCIENTIST123
TROG13 TROG13 Retrieving downloaded game from broken 3ds. 213 2 2 days ago by TROG13
YINNEH YINNEH My Nintendo Account is gone? 149 2 2 days ago by REDTECH23
DOMINATIONMATE DOMINATIONMATE My B and Y buttons are less clicky. 122 2 2 days ago by DOMINATIONMATE
SUPERBEEFJERKY SUPERBEEFJERKY Where's Flipnote Studio 3D? 304 8 2 days ago by DOMINATIONMATE
TORCHICKOTHEGREAT TORCHICKOTHEGREAT Error code 003-2101... 152 1 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
NINTENDORKER NINTENDORKER Dust inside top screen 4,592 8 2 days ago by CHIPMUNKBABIIE
MARZZIA MARZZIA Transferring from one 3DS to another? 229 2 3 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
BAOBARI BAOBARI Nintendo ID Issue 185 4 3 days ago by THECLAW
MARKDUNHAM MARKDUNHAM I sold my 3DS XL question. 200 2 3 days ago by GLACIUSX25
BLUWAVE BLUWAVE Error Downloading Donkey Kong in 3ds 142 2 3 days ago by BLUWAVE
THANKSTOME THANKSTOME Resetting 2ds to factory default 246 2 3 days ago by XXLUIGIAXX
DREAMYSOUP DREAMYSOUP Wi-Fi shutdown causing problems. Help 223 3 3 days ago by TEHKAPI
MKK91 MKK91 Keep getting errors when trying to connect to ESHOP. 205 1 3 days ago by THATVACANTLOOK
SILLYRAICHU SILLYRAICHU Help! My 3DS XL is acting strange! [Resolved!] 190 0 4 days ago by SILLYRAICHU