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ANGELWING66 ANGELWING66 There seems to be a large issue with my 3DS XL 98 1 1 hour ago by THECLAW
NINKY64 NINKY64 Help please I buy tomodachi life in the eshop and it cant star the game 81 0 8 hours ago by NINKY64
MIGHTYLINK eShop Stole My Money! 21,273 22 19 hours ago by BEARDEDONE
LOSTADDAMS LOSTADDAMS Pokemon X/Y Mystery Gift Code Issue 82 0 20 hours ago by LOSTADDAMS
JABUKA JABUKA Pokemon Transfer and Bank 148 3 1 day ago by NIGHTFIRE5
MISSINGPIECE MISSINGPIECE Will 3DS XL ever sync with NTP server? 77 0 1 day ago by MISSINGPIECE
JOSHUA585 JOSHUA585 cant add funds to my eshop account 77 1 1 day ago by JOSHUA585
DEPTHCHARGE936 DEPTHCHARGE936 I'm trying to open the battery case on my 3DS. What screwdriver do i need? 108 3 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
TIGERLALA TIGERLALA Tomodachi Life: Question on Deleting a Save File 817 3 1 day ago by TIGERLALA
CHIBICOOKIENINJA CHIBICOOKIENINJA 3ds internet errors 175 1 1 day ago by REDTECH23
LARIA-CHAN LARIA-CHAN Error when trying to download from eShop 170 1 1 day ago by REDTECH23
16DBRADLEY 16DBRADLEY Constant error has occurred screen 3ds 255 3 2 days ago by 16DBRADLEY
KALRYN KALRYN Netflix subtitles won't turn off. 113 0 2 days ago by KALRYN
NEILSMARTIN NEILSMARTIN Have 3ds brother gave me XL 231 2 2 days ago by REDTECH23
METAKNGHT METAKNGHT 3DS Circle Pad Insensitive When Pressed Up or Down 101 1 2 days ago by REDTECH23
JOEYBABOEYMAN JOEYBABOEYMAN 3DS screen has blotches of black? 123 1 2 days ago by KYOUKEN
WATERHAWG WATERHAWG Borrowing 3d: eShop money/account 140 1 3 days ago by REDTECH23
POLDRAGON POLDRAGON Help Unlinking 3ds 200 1 3 days ago by REDTECH23
TRAID TRAID Transfering data from a sold system to a new system 181 1 3 days ago by REDTECH23
WOBBUFFETTHEGREAT WOBBUFFETTHEGREAT How to Download 3ds Preorder bonus 276 2 3 days ago by WOBBUFFETTHEGREAT
KIINOT KIINOT Trouble with Nintendo Network ID 180 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
BLACKSHADE17 BLACKSHADE17 3ds Black and Gold Legend of Zelda edition problem 209 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
EWYS EWYS White vertical lines on both screens 201 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
YUCCATOSIS YUCCATOSIS Error with Pokemon Pearl on 3DS XL 421 8 4 days ago by YUCCATOSIS
CHINITO29 CHINITO29 My 3DS won't read my SD card 349 4 4 days ago by KYOUKEN
D0J0MASTER D0J0MASTER My games are gone on my 3ds 369 2 5 days ago by D0J0MASTER
UMBRAWARLOCKZERO UMBRAWARLOCKZERO Issue with an 3ds XL I purcharsed 258 3 5 days ago by UMBRAWARLOCKZERO
LYALL LYALL My Tomodachi Friend codes don't work 224 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DHAYES201 DHAYES201 All input stops being received 233 1 5 days ago by REDTECH23
RYANCABRERA1 RYANCABRERA1 Pokebank problem.plz help me 212 3 5 days ago by BOWSERFANG64