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PRINGLEMAN14 PRINGLEMAN14 My 3DS will connect to the internet in settings, but not on anything else 83 0 6 hours ago by PRINGLEMAN14
SHTINKY SHTINKY How to disable subtitles in Netflix? 260 1 6 hours ago by DC1029
LOST_IN_3DS LOST_IN_3DS 3DS factory restore 97 1 6 hours ago by MARIO
RYANATER89 RYANATER89 Still Haven't gotten Pokemon Trainer Club e-mail (Pokemon Demo) 159 2 7 hours ago by RYANATER89
SHADOWSALAMENCE SHADOWSALAMENCE Super Smash Bros 3DS system error force shutdown when I unlocked new trophy 738 5 7 hours ago by PATRICIATENPENNY
DANNIETG DANNIETG Animal Crossing: New Leaf Question 102 1 8 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
YOSHISEAN YOSHISEAN Nintendo 3ds xl upper screen colors are weak and inverted 140 1 8 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DANNIETG DANNIETG Downloading Games While Charging 2DS 111 2 9 hours ago by DANNIETG
KLOWNMX KLOWNMX How can i register my digital copy of Smash for my 3DS? 186 3 9 hours ago by THECLAW
NYTIS NYTIS Animal Crossing: New Leaf keeps freezing? 1,231 3 12 hours ago by ISTHATOKAY
SYXX_AM SYXX_AM Nintendo eshop prepaid card not working? 316 6 16 hours ago by DEADMANBELIAL
DOMINIQUE22 DOMINIQUE22 Can't Charge 3DS 123 1 16 hours ago by SNESNESCUBE64
DIBER DIBER Mystery gift wont let me enter a code? 219 1 20 hours ago by EEVEENUM1FAN
ZORANITEGALE ZORANITEGALE Can't redeem prepaid codes? 185 1 1 day ago by DEADMANBELIAL
GBAHIPPO GBAHIPPO Who gets Mewtwo with new Smash Bros? 216 3 1 day ago by GLACIUSX25
DARRELL3H DARRELL3H I live On Guam, How Do I Set It In My Region Settings? 1,180 3 1 day ago by THECLAW
KACHOPPER90 KACHOPPER90 3Ds turns off with *pop*, repair problems 722 6 1 day ago by REDTECH23
XVA XVA How i link the downloaded super smash on my Nintendo club acc? 103 1 1 day ago by REDTECH23
COOPERMIESTER10 COOPERMIESTER10 B and Y Buttons act like they are held down. 301 2 1 day ago by COOPERMIESTER10
JOSE317 JOSE317 Nintendo broke my 3ds xl and sd card 259 1 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
JUNTAN JUNTAN Nintendo 3DS Network EU/US 190 1 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
GUILE0931 GUILE0931 SD Card Question 159 0 2 days ago by GUILE0931
PANDOLFO PANDOLFO Pokemon ORAS demo error 011-3021 5,229 16 2 days ago by BCAXITO
SAMTHAWNE SAMTHAWNE Pokémon ORAS demo: Now working into Brazilian eShop. 199 1 2 days ago by BCAXITO
LEAFEONLOVE LEAFEONLOVE Shiny Gengar codes sold out? 227 1 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
BLOO977 BLOO977 Super smash bros 3ds extra data corrupt. 141 0 2 days ago by BLOO977
KACHOPPER90 KACHOPPER90 broken 3ds data transfer over distance 216 2 2 days ago by KACHOPPER90
HAMSTER93 HAMSTER93 Smash 3DS "Unable to use the save data since it is not the latest data" error 594 2 2 days ago by NOUSERNAME
WALIRAHI WALIRAHI I get an error when I try to system transfer on my 3DS. 274 5 2 days ago by WALIRAHI