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BEEBOP217 BEEBOP217 Help, 3ds XL not charging. 210 8 2 hours ago by BEEBOP217
SPARTAN11257 SPARTAN11257 (Warranty) Is my Nintendo 2DS beyond repair? 80 3 13 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
SUSUSOI SUSUSOI How hot is TOO hot for the 3DS XL? 177 5 14 hours ago by BEARDEDONE
C_DITCH C_DITCH Why won't my 3DS read any of my games? 95 1 16 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DKNINTENDO DKNINTENDO cannot connect to the eshop 113 1 23 hours ago by WOODBOY
SLTHEPYRO SLTHEPYRO Recovering Corrupted Save Data in Pokemon X and Y 13,383 8 1 day ago by OSIRIS01
NINT3NDRAW NINT3NDRAW What Data does NNID Store? 223 4 1 day ago by NINT3NDRAW
MARURUN94 MARURUN94 3DS Screens go black, lag in d-pad movement 150 3 1 day ago by KYOUKEN
DARKNERO DARKNERO Friend status error 92 0 1 day ago by DARKNERO
EGGHATCH12 EGGHATCH12 getting an error whenever wireless is on?? 227 2 1 day ago by JOJOCAN
MARIOANDLUIGI2002 MARIOANDLUIGI2002 Nintendo Eshop card not working! 355 16 1 day ago by JOJOCAN
ALEXAA7XX ALEXAA7XX Screen Cracked on 2DS 141 2 1 day ago by WOODBOY
CHRUNCHERAWR1 CHRUNCHERAWR1 3ds xl screen is pixilated 145 2 2 days ago by CHRUNCHERAWR1
FLYINGPIES FLYINGPIES 3DS XL SD Card Slot - Is This Normal? 302 8 2 days ago by FLYINGPIES
BLUWAVE BLUWAVE Connection with the server was Interrupted- Pokemon X 164 2 2 days ago by BLUWAVE
RAYCHUL RAYCHUL New 3DS XL won't connect to internet 140 1 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
GREATFOX GREATFOX Animal Crossing: New Leaf Easter Bug? 210 2 2 days ago by KYOUKEN
JONACARD898 JONACARD898 Error 007-2916 Eshop 666 1 2 days ago by GEORGE2724
NIKKIENDO NIKKIENDO Locked out of Poke Bank 328 4 2 days ago by NIKKIENDO
PSXSAGE2 PSXSAGE2 3DS/XL Hinge problems fixed? 458 8 3 days ago by SUPERBEEFJERKY
ADZ164 ADZ164 My 3DS XL Notification Light Turned "Red" 285 7 3 days ago by NINTEND3DSXL
NINTEND3DSXL NINTEND3DSXL Nintendo 2DS volume loose! 122 2 3 days ago by NINTEND3DSXL
IENHERJAR IENHERJAR 3ds Internal Problem? 109 1 3 days ago by NINTEND3DSXL
NINTEND3DSXL NINTEND3DSXL How to change Miiverse Mii and personal Mii? 78 0 3 days ago by NINTEND3DSXL
MRHC MRHC My 3DS will not connect to the Internet 173 2 3 days ago by BEARDEDONE
SHAFERKID2011 SHAFERKID2011 Nintendo Network ID Reset Help 137 1 3 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
SGV_STH SGV_STH Deleted a donut in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball. 97 0 3 days ago by SGV_STH
KENJIKO9000 KENJIKO9000 Me and Brothers Streetpasses aren't equal when out and about 137 2 3 days ago by GREATFOX
RAPIDFLAME RAPIDFLAME Help! Locked out of Pokebank! 411 2 3 days ago by NIKKIENDO