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NIKKIENDO NIKKIENDO Locked out of Poke Bank 151 1 Less than a minute ago by JOJOCAN
MARIOANDLUIGI2002 MARIOANDLUIGI2002 Nintendo Eshop card not working! 71 4 1 minute ago by MARIOANDLUIGI2002
KENJIKO9000 KENJIKO9000 Me and Brothers Streetpasses aren't equal when out and about 49 1 2 minutes ago by JOJOCAN
ADZ164 ADZ164 My 3DS XL Notification Light Turned "Red" 76 1 2 hours ago by JOJOCAN
L0N3R0GU3 L0N3R0GU3 Difficulties Downloading Bravely Default. 235 3 2 hours ago by VEXUSDATE
ULTRAPRIMAL1 ULTRAPRIMAL1 Does Nintendo offer replacement shells? 61 1 6 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
PSXSAGE2 PSXSAGE2 3DS/XL Hinge problems fixed? 337 6 6 hours ago by MARIOKART8111151
CADWAE02 CADWAE02 Error 007-2916, Please Help 175 3 7 hours ago by WARLEGALOMON
KITTEN_THE_GHOST KITTEN_THE_GHOST 3DS screen, control pad and directional pad won't work 277 3 8 hours ago by MARIOKART8111151
CORNGAMER1 CORNGAMER1 Even More Streetpass Problems 10,104 10 19 hours ago by MARIOKART8111151
KYLEMESONA KYLEMESONA Mii Plaza Fails to Load 225 2 19 hours ago by MARIOKART8111151
PKMNMASTER7 PKMNMASTER7 3DS stolen. 192 2 19 hours ago by MARIOKART8111151
TRGUFFER TRGUFFER Need Help with transfering games from one system to the other 122 1 20 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
RHAPLANCA RHAPLANCA nnid question 67 1 20 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
MRHC MRHC My 3DS will not connect to the Internet 69 0 1 day ago by MRHC
JASONAM7 JASONAM7 My 3DS won't update its system 470 8 1 day ago by SWIFTYTHENINJA
TATERTOTS92 TATERTOTS92 pokemon bank 115 2 1 day ago by TATERTOTS92
THOY THOY Not getting full amount of Street Passes at Nintendo Zone. 405 3 1 day ago by THOY
MRCLGS MRCLGS Tomodachi Life will be avaliable in spanish languaje? 132 1 2 days ago by THECLAW
MSSAMMICH24 MSSAMMICH24 If I format my 3DS, will I still be able to play software saved on an SD card? 191 4 2 days ago by MSSAMMICH24
FAINCHEGLADE FAINCHEGLADE New Leaf Club tortimer issue 142 2 2 days ago by MSSAMMICH24
COLEWARWICK96 COLEWARWICK96 Pokemon x download 159 2 2 days ago by MYDAYIN
ROONSCAYP ROONSCAYP I'm unable to connect to the GTS in Pokemon Black 2 160 1 2 days ago by TEHKAPI
SWAGINNS SWAGINNS Cartridge cleaning question 227 2 2 days ago by BEARDEDONE
SPARKAEUS23 SPARKAEUS23 SD Card Limitations Inquiry 161 3 2 days ago by BEARDEDONE
HARDCOREGAMERX HARDCOREGAMERX Nintendo 3DS XL Mario and Luigi Edition game lost 156 3 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
NAP101001 NAP101001 Is my 3DS XL hinge dislocated? 247 3 2 days ago by OLDSCHOOLNINTENDOGAMER2
QUEENHEN QUEENHEN QR Code Troubles 171 2 2 days ago by QUEENHEN
EAGLECRACKER EAGLECRACKER Game transfer 133 1 2 days ago by MARIO