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BOYPASTA BOYPASTA Error Code 002-0109 Banishment? 50 1 10 hours ago by NOA_TECH_ZACH
NATSUKORO11253 NATSUKORO11253 Animal Crossing: New Leaf - An Unexpected Error Has Occurred 1,446 6 10 hours ago by NATSUKORO11253
STARFROG32 STARFROG32 Transfer from 3ds to 3ds XL without internet or wireless? 41 0 12 hours ago by STARFROG32
SUPERNERD137 SUPERNERD137 3DS is not working. What are my options? 44 0 1 day ago by SUPERNERD137
FLUFFYPOOFY FLUFFYPOOFY Youtube app search bar on 3DS isn't working 1,020 1 1 day ago by BELOVED23
JESSKIANCALLIE JESSKIANCALLIE Youtube Search not working 254 1 1 day ago by BELOVED23
ZEROKARMA ZEROKARMA SSB4 Online issue 41 0 1 day ago by ZEROKARMA
JEEEE JEEEE My sd card is corrupted, but the 3ds uses it with no problems. 2,625 3 2 days ago by KYOUKEN
KRAUSER28 KRAUSER28 money lost adding funds with visa to eshop account 39 0 2 days ago by KRAUSER28
MATTHEWAB29 MATTHEWAB29 I would like to buy Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies... but I am not of proper age. 145 0 2 days ago by MATTHEWAB29
BIRD246 BIRD246 Circle pad rubber peice fell off?(NOT SMB4 related.) 274 1 2 days ago by JEEEE
AYAJANELLE AYAJANELLE 3DS Water Damage? 735 5 2 days ago by JEEEE
NIFFLER78 NIFFLER78 Is a system transfer possible to NEW 3DS XL without a network ID? 104 0 3 days ago by NIFFLER78
DWT123 DWT123 Friend code is invalid, although I am positive it is not 103 0 3 days ago by DWT123
NEOLIGHTSCO NEOLIGHTSCO My Nintendo 3ds XL freezes while using internet 98 0 3 days ago by NEOLIGHTSCO
CRUSAUDER CRUSAUDER pokemon alpha saphire pss problems 105 0 3 days ago by CRUSAUDER
APPLEOFAFRUIT APPLEOFAFRUIT I need help with animal crossing new leaf 93 0 3 days ago by APPLEOFAFRUIT
MATIASG2001 MATIASG2001 My majoras mask 3d crashes 72 0 4 days ago by MATIASG2001
MOONDOG1964 MOONDOG1964 Photo Question 311 3 4 days ago by KYOUKEN
TORAKORU TORAKORU Eshop Region Help! 84 0 4 days ago by TORAKORU
JEP4 JEP4 Mii Plaza Puzzle Swap 206 1 4 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
GREATFOX GREATFOX Animal Crossing New Leaf Postoffice/Gift Error 9,470 28 4 days ago by JEP4
AYAJANELLE AYAJANELLE SD Card Troubles? 450 3 5 days ago by TEHKAPI
CHIBATAKUMI1 CHIBATAKUMI1 Unable to access my Nintendo Network 155 0 5 days ago by CHIBATAKUMI1
PRLAYTON94 PRLAYTON94 Little Battlers EXperience 193 0 5 days ago by PRLAYTON94
RHAVAGER RHAVAGER Connection Problems: i can browse the net but cant connect to games 470 3 5 days ago by RHAVAGER
MTHEBEAST MTHEBEAST When doing a system transfer and there is damage to the system memory, will the damage carry over to the target system? 168 0 1 week ago by MTHEBEAST
MAADLUS MAADLUS No 3DS in our home can connect to the eShop as of 8/21st 192 0 1 week ago by MAADLUS
M151PKMN M151PKMN Save data on the cloud 172 0 1 week ago by M151PKMN