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MADIANDKB MADIANDKB Photos won't show on 3DS 28 0 2 hours ago by MADIANDKB
DEMONSKEITHEX DEMONSKEITHEX Transfer question 192 1 2 hours ago by NOA_TECH_KENDALL
LORD_ZARL LORD_ZARL Warrior's Way Mightiest Monarch hacked? 65 1 3 hours ago by LORD_ZARL
BAIN1607 BAIN1607 One game on 2 systems?? 68 3 5 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
EARTHBLOB04 EARTHBLOB04 Nintendo Badge arcade glitch 45 2 5 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
**BLACKHOLE** **BLACKHOLE** Can we expect more New 3DS faceplates? 59 2 5 hours ago by SSTA
M1NUS0NE M1NUS0NE transfer data from broken 2DS to new 3DS 3,130 3 6 hours ago by NOA_TECH_BUNNY
THE4MASTER THE4MASTER Password problem! 27 0 9 hours ago by THE4MASTER
MRDRAGONREP MRDRAGONREP I got a New 3DS, and where is my ORAS save file? Can I use it? 99 1 12 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
RYLF RYLF Need help getting back pokemon 91 1 12 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
MINDOFORUM MINDOFORUM N3DS c-stick not working in-game 18 0 20 hours ago by MINDOFORUM
EDGEWORTH808 EDGEWORTH808 New Nintendo 3DS XL C stick problem 14 0 22 hours ago by EDGEWORTH808
DGPW DGPW pokemon super mystery dungeon 174 2 1 day ago by KYOUKEN
SSTA SSTA New 3ds cover plates (Japan import) Did it's compatible with North America New 3DS console. 119 1 1 day ago by KYOUKEN
GROOT_XXIII GROOT_XXIII SD Card slot 62 0 1 day ago by GROOT_XXIII
JRBISK JRBISK Corrupt SD Card 153 1 1 day ago by JRBISK
CORNGAMER1 CORNGAMER1 Using New 3DS Faceplates from Other Regions? 68 0 2 days ago by CORNGAMER1
XXCH33Z_1T2XX XXCH33Z_1T2XX 3ds flickers and turns off 50 0 2 days ago by XXCH33Z_1T2XX
JDBLIMEGREEN JDBLIMEGREEN Transfering to a 3DS with a preloaded game 506 5 2 days ago by JDBLIMEGREEN
LINKEDMARIO2 LINKEDMARIO2 Download of M rated games:e-shop 8,792 7 3 days ago by NOA_TECH_BUNNY
MARIOMANIAC161 MARIOMANIAC161 Problem detecting my microSD 265 3 4 days ago by SSTA
KITSAMI KITSAMI Internet Browser Error but no error code? 8,949 17 4 days ago by KREECHER
SSTA SSTA Did [Nintendo Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer + New 3DS Bundle] Have free download theme ? 179 1 4 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
NFENIX NFENIX 3DS has started freezing and crashing, can't update. Now I have to pay? 108 0 4 days ago by NFENIX
ISABELSHELPER ISABELSHELPER Transferring data to new 3DS 162 1 5 days ago by KYOUKEN
EJ92UHX17 EJ92UHX17 Pokemon Shuffle save data corrupted while transfer 10,860 4 5 days ago by MOTTA91
DEINOHUNTER DEINOHUNTER Repel not working in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire 121 0 5 days ago by DEINOHUNTER
JEFFWEEEEEEEEEE JEFFWEEEEEEEEEE How can I transfer my data without losing my games? 230 1 6 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
GALANDRIS GALANDRIS Product suggestion for 3DS/2DS possible 3rd party use, PC supportive appliance 190 1 6 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5