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DTGSWYK DTGSWYK Redeemed e-shop code but it didnt let me download 97 1 16 minutes ago by II-64
MRDRAWMONKEY MRDRAWMONKEY New patch corrupted some games 64 0 3 hours ago by MRDRAWMONKEY
AZUROIKE AZUROIKE Circle Pad Scratched (lol, kinda minor) 68 0 6 hours ago by AZUROIKE
DRFIZZMAN123 DRFIZZMAN123 Is this normal for a N3DSXL? 111 0 17 hours ago by DRFIZZMAN123
ZELDAN64 ZELDAN64 Nintendo 2DS Hardware Issue?! 871 26 1 day ago by THEBEARLADY62
ER0MEGA ER0MEGA New 3ds C-stick issues in MH4U 193 3 1 day ago by GEOSTIGMA
SAIPHI SAIPHI "Failed to create theme management information" 3DS XL 1,011 2 1 day ago by SAIPHI
KAIZEN72 KAIZEN72 3DS fell into a bucket of water... 810 14 1 day ago by REDTECH23
MIKAUOFDARKNESS MIKAUOFDARKNESS Pokemon Omega Ruby Repair Deleted Files? 179 1 1 day ago by REDTECH23
NINJALIONMAN123 NINJALIONMAN123 New nintendo 3ds xl top screen problem (HELP) 490 5 1 day ago by AUSTINH35
FLASHLIGHT365 FLASHLIGHT365 Do you have an option to save 3ds game data downloaded from the eShop in system storage instead of in the sd card? 123 1 1 day ago by 3DMARIOBROS
GIYGAS117 GIYGAS117 Problems with disconnecting while online 464 2 1 day ago by PURPPORO
KOOPATROOPA222 KOOPATROOPA222 Pokemon Shuffle: Mega Lucario Competition [Issue?] 339 6 1 day ago by KOOPATROOPA222
ASTRO9596 ASTRO9596 Majora's Mask 3DS XL Creaking Hinges... 1,008 7 1 day ago by LADY_NOREMON
JAMIESTY1 JAMIESTY1 Help! System transfer 3DS confusion 173 2 2 days ago by JAMIESTY1
ARLEC4012 ARLEC4012 Super smash bros Replays 116 0 2 days ago by ARLEC4012
OFFLINE110 OFFLINE110 Left bumper doesnt make a click sound... 184 0 2 days ago by OFFLINE110
TJAY22 TJAY22 Data Loss...? 361 6 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
HERM3S HERM3S Smash Bros 3DS save data error after transferring to New Nintendo 3DS XL. Is there a way to fix this? 994 7 2 days ago by SNIPERBEN1989
SL1MJ1M SL1MJ1M StreetPass Mii Plaza unable to update 447 2 2 days ago by SL1MJ1M
ALAKRIS ALAKRIS Transfering Save Data 211 5 2 days ago by ALAKRIS
LIZZIEISME LIZZIEISME Can anyone help me I derped... Transfering. 142 0 2 days ago by LIZZIEISME
HOLLY99 HOLLY99 Can't Get Certain 3DS Games to Work Online 445 5 2 days ago by KINGNOTHINGFACE
LILMELMEL20 LILMELMEL20 Date and Time settings Reset on New Nintendo 3DS 187 2 2 days ago by KINGNOTHINGFACE
UCHE100NES UCHE100NES Corruption in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS 270 5 2 days ago by GLACIUSX25
FEROCACTUSLATISPINUS FEROCACTUSLATISPINUS Reporting Mario Kart 7 Hackers/Cheaters 204 3 2 days ago by GLACIUSX25
JDIKNGHT JDIKNGHT "Save/Load Layout" function in newest update freezes system 127 0 3 days ago by JDIKNGHT
HYLIANFROMLORULE HYLIANFROMLORULE New Nintendo 3DS XL Majora's Mask Edition Question... 435 2 3 days ago by ORPHANGYMNAST
GREY86AUS GREY86AUS Latest Update NN3DS Browser Cache or Cookies Issue 240 3 3 days ago by GREY86AUS
G-MAN09 G-MAN09 Nintendo Update Ver. 9.5.0-23U Internet Problem 538 6 3 days ago by OMEGABRENDAN