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GUILE0931 GUILE0931 Can I Switch SD Cards With My Brother? 4 0 2 minutes ago by GUILE0931
PANDOLFO PANDOLFO Pokemon ORAS demo error 011-3021 4,760 16 2 hours ago by BCAXITO
SAMTHAWNE SAMTHAWNE Pokémon ORAS demo: Now working into Brazilian eShop. 115 1 2 hours ago by BCAXITO
DIBER DIBER Mystery gift wont let me enter a code? 86 0 4 hours ago by DIBER
LEAFEONLOVE LEAFEONLOVE Shiny Gengar codes sold out? 113 1 4 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5
COOPERMIESTER10 COOPERMIESTER10 B and Y Buttons act like they are held down. 89 0 5 hours ago by COOPERMIESTER10
BLOO977 BLOO977 Super smash bros 3ds extra data corrupt. 80 0 5 hours ago by BLOO977
KACHOPPER90 KACHOPPER90 broken 3ds data transfer over distance 141 2 7 hours ago by KACHOPPER90
HAMSTER93 HAMSTER93 Smash 3DS "Unable to use the save data since it is not the latest data" error 539 2 10 hours ago by NOUSERNAME
WALIRAHI WALIRAHI I get an error when I try to system transfer on my 3DS. 215 5 11 hours ago by WALIRAHI
JKESSLER JKESSLER Browser problem all of a sudden. 461 5 13 hours ago by WORLDRACER99
VISHAL2847 VISHAL2847 false Payment on my credit card 158 3 14 hours ago by _TANIS_
METAWARIO METAWARIO Reveresal of charges 340 7 14 hours ago by _TANIS_
PROF955_SCREEN PROF955_SCREEN How can i get out from this retarded forums? How can i delete my account? 113 0 18 hours ago by PROF955_SCREEN
METAWARIO METAWARIO Hello! Are there any Nintendo reps here?! Its been 3 days and still no reply for my support ticket. Note: I live outside US and Canada. 152 2 1 day ago by SCIENTIST123
SKI_BUM SKI_BUM Hot pixel on 3ds XL touch screen 188 1 1 day ago by SZACK
XAVENDEIR XAVENDEIR Why didn't I get the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter? 278 4 1 day ago by XAVENDEIR
PHENOM777 PHENOM777 Pokemon demo 354 1 1 day ago by SZACK
PHAZE84 PHAZE84 Pokemon Special Demo 1,644 46 1 day ago by PHAZE84
SALTYCHIPS1 SALTYCHIPS1 Nintendo 3DSXL Router Connection Issues 126 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
KASPERN KASPERN 3DS top screen problem. 164 2 1 day ago by KASPERN
TSWAG96 TSWAG96 2ds wont power on 142 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
BOWSERFANG64 BOWSERFANG64 Does Using a Action Replay on my 3DS Void my Warranty? 136 2 1 day ago by BOWSERFANG64
THUNDERSHOCKER THUNDERSHOCKER Question about Nintendo Network on 3DS 164 2 1 day ago by THUNDERSHOCKER
POKEMON_SAPPHIRE57 POKEMON_SAPPHIRE57 Error Code: 011-3101 On a US System and Account 175 0 1 day ago by POKEMON_SAPPHIRE57
KAIJUFAN KAIJUFAN 3DS Randomly Shuts Down when playing Smash Bros 234 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
TEMPO6132000 TEMPO6132000 3DS won't charge after a while... Is this normal? 241 1 1 day ago by TEMPO6132000
BENGEMIN BENGEMIN Charged but not Credited 210 1 1 day ago by _TANIS_
CABBAGEPOTS CABBAGEPOTS 3DS charger shot sparks from wire; copper now exposed 162 1 1 day ago by NIGHTFIRE5
SWITCHIE SWITCHIE 3DS Theme Shop "Unable to Obtain Data" 958 9 2 days ago by SWITCHIE