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DARTHCINN DARTHCINN New 3DS XL Blank Screen 48 0 2 hours ago by DARTHCINN
CESAR66 CESAR66 Error 005-5964 Can't enter the Nintendo eShop 223 6 3 hours ago by CESAR66
PROFESSORFINN314 PROFESSORFINN314 New Nintendo 3DS Transfer Emergency! 327 6 5 hours ago by PROFESSORFINN314
BRAER85 BRAER85 Software disappears from Home menu and comes back 131 1 6 hours ago by GREATFOX
DANNY2545 DANNY2545 Charge messed up 130 4 6 hours ago by GREATFOX
CHEESEFLAVORED CHEESEFLAVORED R key not working, Smash 3ds can't start matches 91 1 6 hours ago by GREATFOX
SIRROWAN SIRROWAN New 3DSXL Transfer Question (Save Data on Target System) 256 2 7 hours ago by WADDLE_DUDE
ROCKYMIN ROCKYMIN Trying to make a purchase on eshop and getting error 1,089 17 7 hours ago by ERS2010
BARONOFWINDS BARONOFWINDS What happened to all of my games? 233 3 9 hours ago by SAFFIRE
TIMMIR0 TIMMIR0 Newest Update seems to have broken my 3ds' internet browser cookies 77 0 10 hours ago by TIMMIR0
EMIENDRULEZ EMIENDRULEZ Nintendo 2ds was wrecked, what can I do to get back my eshop content? 106 1 12 hours ago by MARIO
TAILS6010 TAILS6010 Does Nintendo plan to patch the current exploits in Pokemon? 293 5 15 hours ago by BOX9MISSINGO
BPMOSLEY BPMOSLEY Analog stick sometimes has crunchy noise and sticks 182 2 16 hours ago by SAFFIRE
GREATFOX GREATFOX What Do i do with the Nintendo Zone Viewer 173 1 1 day ago by THECLAW
B3RTRAND88 B3RTRAND88 Cannot connect to eshop after latest update - an error has occurred 137 1 1 day ago by B3RTRAND88
PJ94 PJ94 Did I lose my save data? 116 0 1 day ago by PJ94
SLAYRAI1 SLAYRAI1 Green Light flashing? 96 0 1 day ago by SLAYRAI1
METALSONIC12 METALSONIC12 Hardware problem Zl&ZR plus Circle pad pro not working. 87 0 1 day ago by METALSONIC12
OMEGA_ OMEGA_ Need Help with merging 2 SD cards for New 3DS 97 0 1 day ago by OMEGA_
BELLGORIIING1 BELLGORIIING1 Majora's Mask 3D and the C-Stick. (game and/or system needs an update) 129 0 1 day ago by BELLGORIIING1
KAIKYUUBI KAIKYUUBI Problem with game card 137 0 1 day ago by KAIKYUUBI
SL1MJ1M SL1MJ1M StreetPass Mii Plaza unable to update 130 0 2 days ago by SL1MJ1M
GUMUK28 GUMUK28 System error when wifi enabled 13,122 11 2 days ago by KEEBY64
DERBYSHIRE14 DERBYSHIRE14 Error Code 001-0502 165 1 2 days ago by DERBYSHIRE14
XTINCTION07 XTINCTION07 3DS seems to be charging but won't turn on... Help? 159 0 2 days ago by XTINCTION07
SWITCHIE SWITCHIE 3DS Theme Shop "Unable to Obtain Data" 4,321 11 2 days ago by NOA_TECH_CAMERON
CHUGOKUJIN CHUGOKUJIN Nintendo 3DS chargers - 100 V to 120 V? 134 0 2 days ago by CHUGOKUJIN
NATOONI NATOONI Nintendo id problem 199 1 2 days ago by SAFFIRE
NEOSNDT111 NEOSNDT111 3DS game card contacts discoloration 308 5 2 days ago by BOWSERFANG64