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Re: Wii U not reading discs? 1 hour ago by CHAINEDGUILT CHAINEDGUILT
Metroid Prime Trilogy crashes my Wii U 3 hours ago by SARGE_SPARTA SARGE_SPARTA
Wii Remote not turning on when connected to my Wii U. 3 hours ago by RJE808 RJE808
Re: Error code 105-3035 4 hours ago by LANDOBAARG LANDOBAARG
Super Mario 3D World stuck on loading screen 4 hours ago by SLOGGIA_ SLOGGIA_
Re: I got kicked off the network and have to sign in again 7 hours ago by 3DMARIOBROS 3DMARIOBROS
Wii U Glitches, Need Help! 9 hours ago by CYCLONE00 CYCLONE00
Re: Wii U Shop 1 day ago by DIPPER01234 DIPPER01234
My Wii U rattles a little bit 1 day ago by REDTECH23 REDTECH23
Re: network id canceled 1 day ago by KINGNOTHINGFACE KINGNOTHINGFACE
Re: Wii u cannot format usb hdd 1 day ago by YIL58 YIL58
Re: GamePad Trouble Button Lag and Unresponsive Buttons? 1 day ago by DRKMARIO DRKMARIO
Re: My Wii U Gamepad motion control is not working properly? 1 day ago by LEONDUDE54 LEONDUDE54
Re: Wii u No Power No Red Light Showing. 1 day ago by SECRETINFORMATION SECRETINFORMATION
Game pad Losing connection 1 day ago by T2TP1977 T2TP1977
Re: Error code: 165-8816 1 day ago by SZ1 SZ1
Re: Wii U is chipping off disc print picture on my discs. 2 days ago by REDTECH23 REDTECH23
Re: Error Code 150-1031 in Hyrule Warriors 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE ONE-OF-THREE
Re: Mario Kart 8 Hangs after update 1 day ago by CRAZYPHISH CRAZYPHISH
Re: Gamepad extremely short range 2 days ago by RICKY080880 RICKY080880
Re: Error Code 165-6596 When Playing Smash 4 4 days ago by AMYDOG AMYDOG
Re: Weird problem with my Wii U and Mario Party 10 4 days ago by MENCHIE MENCHIE
Re: Lost case, anyway to get PIN Code back? 6 days ago by KEEBY64 KEEBY64
Re: Why is Kirby return to dreamland not on the shop in the us? 6 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Re: WiiU - Long First System Update 6 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5