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Re: Do the Nintendo store points expire? 54 minutes ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Re: WiiU Error code: 150-1031? 5 hours ago by C0LT83 C0LT83
Is my Hard Drive working? 6 hours ago by RETRONOMICS RETRONOMICS
Wii Fit U - Wii Fit Plus Transfer Question. 6 hours ago by RETRONOMICS RETRONOMICS
Re: A button becoming more and more unresponsive 6 hours ago by RETRONOMICS RETRONOMICS
Re: Home menu - Notifications 6 hours ago by RETRONOMICS RETRONOMICS
Re: eshop took all my money 7 hours ago by COOLIGAN COOLIGAN
Re: Do Save files from Retail games work with Digital Download games? 8 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Re: When will Nintendo start selling the Wii U Gamepads separately? 10 hours ago by NOA_TECH_FOX NOA_TECH_FOX
Re: freezing 13 hours ago by SCORPIONSEVEN SCORPIONSEVEN
Re: Mario Kart 8 update deleted my original save data. 14 hours ago by XXCAPTAINCHARLIEXX XXCAPTAINCHARLIEXX
Close Software consistently freezes Wii U 14 hours ago by SAMUELOAK SAMUELOAK
Re: New Console does not work??? 17 hours ago by MILES1234 MILES1234
Re: Question regarding linked nintendo ID 23 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Re: Wii-U (& 3DS) Can not add funds to account Error Code: 011-6835 23 hours ago by MGL-W MGL-W
Re: Cannot select "TV Only" or "TV and Gamepad" options for Wii Menu 1 day ago by TEKRA TEKRA
Re: Wii U Black Ops 2 : how many can play locally? 1 day ago by SCIENTIST123 SCIENTIST123
Refurb Wii U order still pending 1 day ago by HIROSYO HIROSYO
wii u transfer tool problem plz help. 1 day ago by TEKRA TEKRA
System Won't Sync 1 day ago by ERADRAGGIE ERADRAGGIE
Re: Mario Kart 8 Update/DLC not working 1 day ago by MAVRIGO MAVRIGO
Re: First day using refurbished Wii U & blinking red light issue 1 day ago by EPICMARTIN70 EPICMARTIN70
Re: My Wiimotes have their gyroscopes upside down. 1 day ago by SEIYR SEIYR
Re: Gamepad booting up quick start menu, but not Wii U 1 day ago by FALLOUTNV FALLOUTNV
in browser screenshots 1 day ago by XYE XYE