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Re: Super Smash Online Laggy 34 minutes ago by _BLUVENUE_ _BLUVENUE_
System Memory Error 2 hours ago by XKUNAI XKUNAI
Digital Download Save File question 6 hours ago by AVIOS AVIOS
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Re: Wii U USB Drive Error 8 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Re: Using the wii u GameCube adapter to play SSB: Brawl 8 hours ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Gamepad Analog Stick problem 10 hours ago by <SHADOWLINK> <SHADOWLINK>
Re: Error Code: 160-0103 11 hours ago by BOJITO809 BOJITO809
Mario Kart 8 Hangs after update 13 hours ago by TMAN75 TMAN75
nyko wii u charger stops 13 hours ago by CLUBNINTENDO09876 CLUBNINTENDO09876
Loose Joystick on both Wii U Gamepad & 3ds 14 hours ago by EDDTRUJILLO EDDTRUJILLO
Tips Only Displaying Fighter Tips and nothing else 14 hours ago by ANGEL637 ANGEL637
Wii U No Longer Connects to TV 15 hours ago by PYOSHI PYOSHI
Re: 2014 and Screen Flickering off/black is still a thing? 15 hours ago by TUAN1987 TUAN1987
Re: Hyrule Warriors DLC dilemma. "Master..." purchased, replace w/"Heroes..." ??? 17 hours ago by OLDSCHOOLER80 OLDSCHOOLER80
Re: Unresponsive NFC with Amiibo and Wii U: Broken GamePad NFC? 17 hours ago by ETERNALNEXUS ETERNALNEXUS
Defective Pro Controllers with Super Smash Bros? 17 hours ago by TRACTURE TRACTURE
Wii U GamePad Error WITH AMIIBOS 19 hours ago by BLZN BLZN
Re: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U: 2DS/3DS Controller Question 22 hours ago by ETHANATOR10000 ETHANATOR10000
Re: Is Wii U GameCube adapter a special edition item? 23 hours ago by SARENTACK SARENTACK
Wii U External USB Hard Drive - Error Code 160-2173 1 day ago by SMBEGIC SMBEGIC
Wii U Coins? 1 day ago by DEVANIEL DEVANIEL
Re: Super Smash Bros. Online Lag 1 day ago by MARIO MARIO
Re: Wired adapter with good speed? 1 day ago by MARIO MARIO
How to use two controllers at the same time 1 day ago by LATERALUS6977 LATERALUS6977