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Re: eShop codes 27 minutes ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
WiiU booting issue - No video output/Cannot connect to Wii U 3 hours ago by D00PLAY D00PLAY
Wii U Gamepad's Low Range 3 hours ago by KIMIKAAT KIMIKAAT
Wired Fight Pad and Classic Controller issues on mario kart 8 4 hours ago by BECZAM1290 BECZAM1290
Wiiu crashing issue 7 hours ago by SAMBLYBAM SAMBLYBAM
Splatoon Problems....HELP 11 hours ago by MACEYFACEY8994 MACEYFACEY8994
Wii U momentarily freezes offline? 13 hours ago by DADSWII1 DADSWII1
I want to return a Wii U with pre-installed games... but? 15 hours ago by LIGHTMOG LIGHTMOG
Re: Problem with Wii U playing Wii games using wiimote 1 day ago by RDOMAINNIN RDOMAINNIN
Re: Sensor bars not working in Wii U 1 day ago by KULDIN KULDIN
Re: Data Management question 1 day ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Splatoon Connection Error 1 day ago by CHUPACABRASQUID CHUPACABRASQUID
Re: HELP!!! 1 day ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Re: Game causes system freeze on start up 1 day ago by SSTA SSTA
Can I use 2 prepaid Visa credit cards on Wii U eshop? 1 day ago by MOWERDUDE MOWERDUDE
BRAND NEW Wii U randomly powers off/Gamepad cannot connect 1 day ago by SNAG21 SNAG21
Re: How can I redownload the Miiverse stage in Smash 4? 1 day ago by NIGHTFIRE5 NIGHTFIRE5
Brand New Wii U Freezes on Initial Set-up 1 day ago by GIANTSHYGUY GIANTSHYGUY
Wii U Gamepad Left Analog Stick Problem 1 day ago by LUISCASTROIFY LUISCASTROIFY
Error 101-0502 en lista de amigos y juego en linea 1 day ago by HELAMAN456 HELAMAN456
Weird Splatoon problems 2 days ago by HITASHIZOYAKO HITASHIZOYAKO
Re: Wii U Firmware Downgrade or Product Recall 2 days ago by OJ2003 OJ2003
SD Card slot not working 2 days ago by JASON-WILLIAMS JASON-WILLIAMS
Re: Question about the future Gamecube Controller Adapter. 2 days ago by THECLAW THECLAW
Wii U Experiencing Various Connectivity Issues 3 days ago by CLUB!!!!!!! CLUB!!!!!!!