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GIZMOGAMER2000 GIZMOGAMER2000 My Wii U is not play Html5 vids 2,957 3 7 hours ago by ALEXMK82014
ALEXMK82014 ALEXMK82014 Replacing Kissanime with Dubzonline 44 0 7 hours ago by ALEXMK82014
MECHAG MECHAG Screen Goes Black For A Couple Seconds Then Comes Back 7,067 19 12 hours ago by AJB1984
SLIDINHAWAIIAN SLIDINHAWAIIAN Wii U will not play Wii games 72 1 12 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
SHERIFFFCY SHERIFFFCY Wii U deletes everything on my console with another mii? 89 2 13 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DUBSTEPPER DUBSTEPPER WiiU SD Card 20,089 6 1 day ago by PEDROVAY_2003
Z64MAN Z64MAN Deadzone too huge on gamepad and gamepad pro 162 2 1 day ago by Z64MAN
RALF13 RALF13 Error 162-2011 problems with update 5.0.0 18,287 141 2 days ago by GOODBAD
MIDNITETAQUITO MIDNITETAQUITO Bayonetta 2 combo/control issues :( 199 2 2 days ago by MIDNITETAQUITO
NEKKIBASARA NEKKIBASARA WiiU Error code: 150-1031? 51,604 25 3 days ago by XFLUIDZ1
STOCKING STOCKING Quick Question About Amiibo 234 3 3 days ago by SCIENTIST123
MIRAGEISLAND MIRAGEISLAND Mario kart 8 save file question 203 2 3 days ago by MIRAGEISLAND
SUGARSUNSHINEDAISY SUGARSUNSHINEDAISY Gamepad touchscreen is stuck, sorta... 250 2 4 days ago by SUGARSUNSHINEDAISY
IACOBUS844 IACOBUS844 So I bought hyrule warriors 205 3 4 days ago by PATRICIATENPENNY
AVERYRE AVERYRE Internet cuts out when Wii U is connected to router 177 0 5 days ago by AVERYRE
BOWSERFANG64 BOWSERFANG64 Wii U shuts off when trying trying to access Wii mode (NEED HELP) 195 2 5 days ago by BOWSERFANG64
FEMACKNIGHT FEMACKNIGHT What happens if you have both the disc and digital version of a game? 1,067 5 5 days ago by REDTECH23
OMGITSLUKE OMGITSLUKE New Super Mario Bros U/Super Luigi U can't get past the loading screen 154 1 5 days ago by REDTECH23
MALLINOCK MALLINOCK Want to buy a Wii U LAN Adapter, can't find 443 3 5 days ago by NOA_TECH_CAMERON
NINTENDOCAMMY NINTENDOCAMMY System is impossible to update. Do I need a new Wii U? 15,225 25 5 days ago by NOA_TECH_CAMERON
VERYCOOLME VERYCOOLME Error Code 107-6811 247 2 5 days ago by VERYCOOLME
LAUREN1134 LAUREN1134 Wii U Gamepad will not connect to console? 254 2 5 days ago by LAUREN1134
SZACK SZACK Wii U GamePad Touch Screen and Gyroscope problem 510 3 5 days ago by REDTECH23
MOTHERBRAINS MOTHERBRAINS smb 3 wii u VC gamepad input lag? 292 3 5 days ago by REDTECH23
JUSTICELEAGUER8 JUSTICELEAGUER8 Will the same save data work for both disc and download? 273 3 6 days ago by JUSTICELEAGUER8
CHRISH4 CHRISH4 Both the Wii and the Wii U's NES emulator have color issues 207 1 6 days ago by REDTECH23
GOTRYCE1026 GOTRYCE1026 Hyrule Warriors DLC dilemma. "Master..." purchased, replace w/"Heroes..." ??? 217 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
SKELDARE SKELDARE Purchased both Bayonetta games on eShop - didn't get discount 247 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
JUSTINB7790 JUSTINB7790 Smash Bros Wii U Download Size? 278 1 1 week ago by 3DMARIOBROS