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EVILLLBILLL EVILLLBILLL Gamepad does not power on the Wii U console 47 0 2 hours ago by EVILLLBILLL
CAPTAINDODO CAPTAINDODO hyrule warriors error code 193 2 5 hours ago by CAPTAINDODO
RYAN107 RYAN107 Charger Problem 101 1 10 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
SHAWNNA_ROBINSON SHAWNNA_ROBINSON Blu Ray Disc Player? 96 1 17 hours ago by MARIO
JACOB17171 JACOB17171 Help! I lost my progress in one of my favorite games! 155 2 22 hours ago by JACOB17171
ZARX ZARX A Communication error has occured 124 3 1 day ago by 3DMARIOBROS
CARDINGTON CARDINGTON External hard drive! 361 4 1 day ago by CARDINGTON
MAD-MUFFIN MAD-MUFFIN constant error codes connecting to internet on wii-u 102 1 1 day ago by 3DMARIOBROS
BOBTHEMONKEYX BOBTHEMONKEYX Setting a password on Wii U Miiverse? 133 2 1 day ago by BOBTHEMONKEYX
CARDINALCYN CARDINALCYN Left analog stick on gamepad moving downwards 149 2 1 day ago by D1GIRL18
ANTIPHAIL ANTIPHAIL Wii U Gamepad and GCN Controller Input Issues w/ Smash Bros. 4 81 0 1 day ago by ANTIPHAIL
MOOSE6434 MOOSE6434 Smash Bros "A Communication Error Has Occurred" 2,161 5 1 day ago by VINESAUCEFAN
BOX9MISSINGO BOX9MISSINGO MH 4 Demo download issues 88 1 1 day ago by BOX9MISSINGO
LT-CARAMEL LT-CARAMEL Quick Start not working 685 4 1 day ago by NOA_TECH_CAMERON
THELESIDE THELESIDE Nintendo network ID 121 3 1 day ago by MARIO
JONGOLD00 JONGOLD00 wii u to my macbook pro 131 1 2 days ago by II-64
HCBAILLY1982 HCBAILLY1982 Ocarina of Time, Screen Going Black 356 4 2 days ago by THESAMMY58
VASCO VASCO Can I play games from the Hard Drive? 190 4 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DELTAX0 DELTAX0 error 160-2793 when booting up mario galaxy 2 download 234 2 2 days ago by DELTAX0
MHPM3 MHPM3 Punch Out downloaded from eshop crashing Wii U 308 4 2 days ago by FORTEBLASTX
GAME_CUBER GAME_CUBER Wii U system freezing a lot lately... 1,277 5 2 days ago by VINESAUCEFAN
PROOFREADERLA PROOFREADERLA Mario Party 9 and the Gamepad 191 2 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
FORTEBLASTX FORTEBLASTX Super Mario Galaxy 2 crashes Wii U when loaded from USB drive 1,637 10 2 days ago by KOOLAIDMAN00
SHADYEST SHADYEST Wii U Connectivity Issues 265 3 3 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
REGIONLOCKING REGIONLOCKING Wii U Wii Mode does not fill up widescreen 342 3 3 days ago by REGIONLOCKING
TEKUMS_ TEKUMS_ Wii U keeps freezing 9,700 11 4 days ago by EINRADFAHRER7
BKFOUNTAIN BKFOUNTAIN wiiu can't find my wifi network and gives error code 161 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DBLINK DBLINK No Coins for Nintendo Land 181 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
MANNTAROK MANNTAROK Lots of error codes, Should I format? 212 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
BRETAM5 BRETAM5 Wii U plastic appears slightly warped 567 7 4 days ago by BRETAM5