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CHRISH4 CHRISH4 Both the Wii and the Wii U's NES emulator have color issues 84 1 1 hour ago by REDTECH23
VERYCOOLME VERYCOOLME Error Code 107-6811 74 1 2 hours ago by REDTECH23
GOTRYCE1026 GOTRYCE1026 Hyrule Warriors DLC dilemma. "Master..." purchased, replace w/"Heroes..." ??? 110 1 19 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
LAUREN1134 LAUREN1134 Wii U Gamepad will not connect to console? 98 1 20 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
SKELDARE SKELDARE Purchased both Bayonetta games on eShop - didn't get discount 155 1 20 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
JUSTINB7790 JUSTINB7790 Smash Bros Wii U Download Size? 141 1 1 day ago by 3DMARIOBROS
MOTHERBRAINS MOTHERBRAINS smb 3 wii u VC gamepad input lag? 168 2 1 day ago by MOTHERBRAINS
JUSTICELEAGUER8 JUSTICELEAGUER8 Will the same save data work for both disc and download? 134 2 1 day ago by JUSTICELEAGUER8
ILIKEFAMILYGUY ILIKEFAMILYGUY Can't get Bayonetta discount? 150 1 1 day ago by ILIKEFAMILYGUY
FARFENUGEN FARFENUGEN Error Code 160-2713 2,027 13 1 day ago by LAVINFUNG
ALEXMK82014 ALEXMK82014 My Wii U doesn't play Kissanime 215 2 1 day ago by 55044
SAURUSARUSA SAURUSARUSA Playing with different IDs 112 1 1 day ago by SAURUSARUSA
NINTENDOCAMMY NINTENDOCAMMY System is impossible to update. Do I need a new Wii U? 14,725 24 1 day ago by WHYMEBRO
JIMMYXI JIMMYXI I need Wii U audio-out to my audio system ..but HDMI to my TV, puzzled? 236 4 2 days ago by JIMMYXI
TRON.DLL TRON.DLL Gamepad acting as if R button is held down 140 1 2 days ago by MOWERDUDE
RASPUTIN5 RASPUTIN5 Wii U internet problems 414 4 2 days ago by RASPUTIN5
1STJACK 1STJACK Wii U Gamepad: Not turning on 142 1 3 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
II-64 II-64 Can I use my old wiimote(No motion plus)directly on Wiiu? 46,521 9 3 days ago by DARK_NESS
ALMUSALLAM ALMUSALLAM Can't update my WiiU Deluxe 15,950 9 3 days ago by ALUCARD19
LASTZORA LASTZORA Hyrule Warriors 117 0 3 days ago by LASTZORA
SZACK SZACK Wii U GamePad Touch Screen and Gyroscope problem 367 2 3 days ago by SZACK
GAME_CUBER GAME_CUBER Wii U system freezing a lot lately... 273 3 3 days ago by GAME_CUBER
MALLINOCK MALLINOCK Want to buy a Wii U LAN Adapter, can't find 246 2 3 days ago by WOODBOY
AJSMITH873 AJSMITH873 Wii U just displaying "Wii U" on TV Screen and GamePad 177 1 3 days ago by WOODBOY
SPONGEDADDY36 SPONGEDADDY36 Gamepad AC adapter input not working correctly 187 2 5 days ago by SPONGEDADDY36
SUPERIORHOMINID12 SUPERIORHOMINID12 Smash-branded GameCube controller - how long is the cable? 215 1 5 days ago by REDTECH23
GISEDION2 GISEDION2 Can I use a Wii U Pro Controller or a Wiimote to navigate the Wii U menu? 357 3 5 days ago by OFFENDER
BONZOOZNOB BONZOOZNOB Wii U Power cord issues 204 1 5 days ago by REDTECH23
WHOEVERWHATEVER WHOEVERWHATEVER Wii U freezes when launching Wii game? 173 0 5 days ago by WHOEVERWHATEVER