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PEANUT_WOLF PEANUT_WOLF Wii U Freezing on Hyrule Warriors?!!!! 122 2 9 hours ago by KEEBY64
JOEYRSLZ97 JOEYRSLZ97 Wii U Disc Image Peeling 88 0 11 hours ago by JOEYRSLZ97
PARAGONFURYFORUM PARAGONFURYFORUM User Data and Nintendo ID Link - Any Conflict? 135 0 1 day ago by PARAGONFURYFORUM
SYN0079 SYN0079 ERROR 165-6596 1,452 3 1 day ago by KEEBY64
LORD_CHOJUN LORD_CHOJUN Gamepad extremely short range 44,972 81 1 day ago by JORP89
JOSHBROWN79 JOSHBROWN79 Wii U powering up problems after Nov 10 2014 System update 5,078 17 1 day ago by KEEBY64
SIENNADALLAS SIENNADALLAS Invalid Disk Error 153 1 1 day ago by KEEBY64
LEMMY LEMMY Wii U Pro Controller 123 0 2 days ago by LEMMY
PICHUZ PICHUZ my gamepad got wet but only the control stick got damaged 180 1 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
LUNEKI9 LUNEKI9 Can i add Wii Points to use on wii mode if i buy an eshop card? 156 1 3 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
MURAHIME MURAHIME Gamepad doesn't work 166 0 3 days ago by MURAHIME
POPO12 POPO12 Wii U Error code 165-6596 4,768 6 3 days ago by JAMESWOODARD
EGUILUCARDX EGUILUCARDX Wii U Pro Controller turning off while playing! 214 2 3 days ago by EGUILUCARDX
DSLITE7 DSLITE7 Strange issue with left analog stick on Gamepad 169 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
ILOVEPANDAS12 ILOVEPANDAS12 Nintendoland Deleted 182 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
LUIS105 LUIS105 Help getting Wii U repair via web form. 190 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
TYRANITARBADD TYRANITARBADD codes purchased in canada 148 0 5 days ago by TYRANITARBADD
SIMON12355 SIMON12355 wii u weird question 308 3 5 days ago by DR_QWERTY
ATWISE ATWISE WiiU Wii Menu Green? 187 0 6 days ago by ATWISE
BRADROY BRADROY Compatability of the Mewtwo DLC? 232 1 6 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
MOARXXX MOARXXX Using US Wii U in UK? 172 0 6 days ago by MOARXXX
WARPI0 WARPI0 Will error code 103-1601 be fixed if I get an ethernet adapter? 257 1 6 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
SPARTANHAVOC32 SPARTANHAVOC32 Wii U error code 105-3016 258 1 6 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
JOHNC85 JOHNC85 Stolen Wii U 234 1 6 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
THESHADOWLINK THESHADOWLINK Touchscreen, control sticks, D-Pad and A B Y buttons of GamePad are unresponsive 1,357 3 6 days ago by BIGDOG99
BIGDOG99 BIGDOG99 GamePad is kinda working... 215 1 6 days ago by BIGDOG99
KOOLAIDMAN00 KOOLAIDMAN00 Wii games not running off of external storage 1,231 5 6 days ago by AGECROSS
FORUMBOO1998 FORUMBOO1998 Will a japanese Wii-LAN Adapter work on my American Wii U console? 175 0 1 week ago by FORUMBOO1998
JULIOM5 JULIOM5 Captain Toad Club Nintendo Coins 573 7 1 week ago by SLOGGIA_