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DJ_FIREBALL DJ_FIREBALL Super Mario Maker updated, still have to wait 9 days. 315 2 1 day ago by DJ_FIREBALL
RARATAG RARATAG 2 NNID Accounts, Could I swap the names? 1,308 10 1 day ago by RARATAG
KBB1381 KBB1381 Mario Maker Hard Locking 354 2 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
NINJABIRD NINJABIRD Getting used to the Wii U dashboard and updating status? 163 2 2 days ago by NINJABIRD
TAMPA-DB TAMPA-DB Wii U will not turn on, blinking red light...... 43,156 21 2 days ago by RADSTER01
MRCIDADE MRCIDADE Error Code 105-1214 80 0 3 days ago by MRCIDADE
SEANNY1UP SEANNY1UP Wii saves are gone on Wii U? 444 5 3 days ago by MICHAELTECH
WHATUPDAWG WHATUPDAWG Why does Mario Party 10 hang up on some mini games? 711 3 4 days ago by LOUISEJACKSON24
SLOGGIA_ SLOGGIA_ Super Mario 3D World stuck on loading screen 1,035 2 4 days ago by ZAII7
LARRY20 LARRY20 Just completed a WiiU to WiiU system transfer and encountered an issue 297 3 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
IRITUM676 IRITUM676 Bought Wii U from a friend 218 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
KEVIN2012 KEVIN2012 How to connect wii u to monitor 42,964 7 6 days ago by JAREDMICHALLE
CRUNCHYCREME CRUNCHYCREME Charged my card but didn't receive money? 177 1 6 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
QIOM1 QIOM1 SUBJECT: SUPER SMASH BROS GLITCH, v. 1.1.1 - Diddy Kong 211 0 1 week ago by QIOM1
SHAMTASTIK SHAMTASTIK Home button Problems 207 0 1 week ago by SHAMTASTIK
LIXONE LIXONE Super Smash Bros. Wii U: Corrupted Update Data file, game unplayable 83 0 1 week ago by LIXONE
AUSTINH35 AUSTINH35 My NNID won't work on WiiU?!? 95 0 1 week ago by AUSTINH35
TEHGARU TEHGARU Wii U stalls on initial set up 137 3 1 week ago by AUSTINH35
FAITH FAITH Wii to Wii U transfer question 209 2 1 week ago by SSTA
EPONALEGEND EPONALEGEND Zelda Wind Waker HD Problem 102 0 1 week ago by EPONALEGEND
MENTALMIDGETSLAYER MENTALMIDGETSLAYER Anyone on this Splatoon hacking cheaters? 150 1 1 week ago by MENTALMIDGETSLAYER
BEODAWN1 BEODAWN1 WiiU gamepad charger says green (charged) but the controller won't turn on 230 1 1 week ago by NOA_TECH_JENN
FARFENUGEN FARFENUGEN Error Code 160-2713 13,074 15 1 week ago by NOA_TECH_JENN
BERSERKER0192 BERSERKER0192 I called to make a data transfer and its been 5 days. Can anyone help me? 194 2 1 week ago by BERSERKER0192
RAPHA RAPHA smash bros for wii u bug or glitch version 1.1.1 HELP 163 0 1 week ago by RAPHA
MICHAELTECH MICHAELTECH Touch Screen Not Working In Mario Maker 327 2 1 week ago by MICHAELTECH
I_REPORT_HACKERS I_REPORT_HACKERS Splatoon Hacker Rumor. Anyone Have info? 330 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
BABBER24 BABBER24 Gamepad Rattle 15,935 12 1 week ago by MICHAELTECH
ELTEACHER70 ELTEACHER70 Error code 160-4712 276 2 1 week ago by MICHAELTECH