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XTRA3847 XTRA3847 Can't connect to online 140 3 1 hour ago by XTRA3847
DOMOKID DOMOKID **Wii U constantly freezes** 55 1 2 hours ago by REDTECH23
FORFUNS FORFUNS Wii remote plus 526 3 14 hours ago by AWESOME444444
FORFUNS FORFUNS Amiibo 570 2 15 hours ago by FORFUNS
ANS_MI ANS_MI Wii U VC games disapeared from the menu?! 144 1 17 hours ago by REDTECH23
REDBATMAN REDBATMAN Natsume Championship Wrestling not coming up as discounted $1.50, for me. 161 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
TONEDOG TONEDOG My wii u upright stands? 7,957 7 1 day ago by VEINYDOG
XTRA3847 XTRA3847 Moving everything to one menu 155 1 1 day ago by MARIO
ROBBOB14 ROBBOB14 Miiverse Posts Disappearing... 444 1 2 days ago by SNUGGLEVIXEN
MARIOGOLFER777 MARIOGOLFER777 Miiverse- Activity Feed not always showing current posts? 2,561 9 2 days ago by SNUGGLEVIXEN
LIAM2 LIAM2 Wii U Pro Charging Questions 139 1 2 days ago by 3DMARIOBROS
WALKINGCARPET WALKINGCARPET Warawara Plaza not respecting parental controls 273 2 2 days ago by WALKINGCARPET
II-64 II-64 Is it possible to make a Wii to WiiU transfer in two different places? 175 1 2 days ago by 3DMARIOBROS
MARSHBONE24 MARSHBONE24 help!!! 171 2 2 days ago by MARSHBONE24
BONELEFUNTE BONELEFUNTE Move Nintendo ID from family's Wii U to my own, new Wii U 183 1 3 days ago by MARIO
ITSCIEL ITSCIEL Transferring save data from SD card? 194 3 3 days ago by MARIO
VEELK VEELK Wii U - Blurry and discolored NES VC 213 0 3 days ago by VEELK
POKELOVEER87 POKELOVEER87 Super Mario Kart Download 180 1 3 days ago by MARIO
NARGMAND NARGMAND Wii U Premium 32GB freezing on the Wii U splash screen 323 2 4 days ago by NARGMAND
LOCO_DIEGO LOCO_DIEGO Wii U gamepad problem 294 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DEXTERLECTER99 DEXTERLECTER99 Error Code 105-3865 239 1 4 days ago by 3DMARIOBROS
CHAZ CHAZ Error Code 103-1001 "Unable to find a wi-fi network" 27,410 16 4 days ago by MYRKR
GMHY_IJ GMHY_IJ Upgrade from EU Wii 186 1 5 days ago by MARIO
MALLINOCK MALLINOCK Want to buy a Wii U LAN Adapter, can't find 2,747 7 5 days ago by MEIAN
WII_MANIAC1234 WII_MANIAC1234 Game data is stuck on external hard drive 294 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
GAMEBOY1991 GAMEBOY1991 Nintendo 64 Virtual Console titles on the Wii U's eShop 389 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
WII_MANIAC1234 WII_MANIAC1234 Error code 160-4711 while using hard drive with y-cable 314 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
MOONCRASHED MOONCRASHED Wii U Freezing on system set up 281 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
BRIMARION BRIMARION Help with linking new wii u to old 3ds for smash brothers promo 257 1 5 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE