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PAARADOX PAARADOX ****** Updating Problem ****** 105-3865 105 1 5 minutes ago by ONE-OF-THREE
TRAID TRAID How long should I wait before calling Nintendo after a web form is submitted? 80 1 28 minutes ago by REDTECH23
RETROSONIC RETROSONIC Wii fit meter not recognizing  footstep input from fit meter 49 0 5 hours ago by RETROSONIC
ADRIANBEUSES ADRIANBEUSES Super Smash Online Laggy 328 3 6 hours ago by _BLUVENUE_
CARUGGS CARUGGS Connect WiiU to PC? 120 2 9 hours ago by CARUGGS
BLACKENED750 BLACKENED750 Wii Remote Pairing Question 99 0 17 hours ago by BLACKENED750
JIPC JIPC WiiU Constantly randomly disconnecting 211 2 18 hours ago by PROJUS
RHETTHOPTON RHETTHOPTON Wii U Pro Controller turning off on own and reconnecting; delayed/sluggish button inputs 222 1 19 hours ago by LIKWIDX
ADRIANBEUSES ADRIANBEUSES Improving WiiU Internet Signal - Suffering Lag 109 1 19 hours ago by MARIO
TMAN75 TMAN75 Mario Kart 8 Hangs after update 315 3 20 hours ago by TRUELOVETAT101
MINAFANBOY MINAFANBOY Eshop error 182 2 21 hours ago by MINAFANBOY
DARK_NESS DARK_NESS Is anyone wiiu fan load 107 1 1 day ago by SNESNESCUBE64
ANFERNO511 ANFERNO511 Copying Save Data for eShop purchased games 125 0 1 day ago by ANFERNO511
TRACTURE TRACTURE Defective Pro Controllers with Super Smash Bros? 270 1 1 day ago by OWL-14
SEQD97 SEQD97 Will my games be deleted off Wii U if I delete NNID? 172 3 1 day ago by MARIO
IKATELYNN IKATELYNN Wii U USB Drive Error 314 2 1 day ago by IKATELYNN
MECHAG MECHAG Screen Goes Black For A Couple Seconds Then Comes Back 8,243 22 1 day ago by WIIUFUNGUY
AVIOS AVIOS Digital Download Save File question 203 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
TUAN1987 TUAN1987 Black screen flicker problem with Sharp TV 210 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
CLUBNINTENDO09876 CLUBNINTENDO09876 nyko wii u charger stops 196 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
PYOSHI PYOSHI Wii U No Longer Connects to TV 250 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
SMBEGIC SMBEGIC Wii U External USB Hard Drive - Error Code 160-2173 245 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DEVANIEL DEVANIEL Wii U Coins? 225 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
EDDTRUJILLO EDDTRUJILLO Loose Joystick on both Wii U Gamepad & 3ds 218 1 1 day ago by D1GIRL18
RUSTWALKER78 RUSTWALKER78 Can I change my Nintendo ID? Did not realize it would be visible 189 2 1 day ago by RUSTWALKER78
DAYCOATA DAYCOATA Can I not use the GC adapter for downloaded N64 games 247 3 1 day ago by SNESNESCUBE64
XKUNAI XKUNAI System Memory Error 295 2 2 days ago by SNESNESCUBE64
<SHADOWLINK> <SHADOWLINK> Gamepad Analog Stick problem 224 1 2 days ago by SNESNESCUBE64
FREDMACBILLION FREDMACBILLION Trouble connecting to friends 164 1 2 days ago by SNESNESCUBE64