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TRON.DLL TRON.DLL Gamepad acting as if R button is held down 43 0 4 hours ago by TRON.DLL
RASPUTIN5 RASPUTIN5 Wii U internet problems 305 4 7 hours ago by RASPUTIN5
ETIENNEGAUVREAU ETIENNEGAUVREAU Wii U Gamecube Adapter - Game compatibility? 306 5 10 hours ago by SCIENTIST123
1STJACK 1STJACK Wii U Gamepad: Not turning on 77 1 11 hours ago by ONE-OF-THREE
II-64 II-64 Can I use my old wiimote(No motion plus)directly on Wiiu? 46,066 9 15 hours ago by DARK_NESS
JIMMYXI JIMMYXI I need to run audio-out to my audio system.. but HDMI to my TV ..puzzled? 91 2 16 hours ago by JIMMYXI
ALEXMK82014 ALEXMK82014 My Wii U doesn't play Kissanime 127 1 19 hours ago by _TANIS_
ALMUSALLAM ALMUSALLAM Can't update my WiiU Deluxe 15,855 9 1 day ago by ALUCARD19
LASTZORA LASTZORA Hyrule Warriors 80 0 1 day ago by LASTZORA
SZACK SZACK Wii U GamePad Touch Screen and Gyroscope problem 334 2 1 day ago by SZACK
GAME_CUBER GAME_CUBER Wii U system freezing a lot lately... 228 3 1 day ago by GAME_CUBER
MALLINOCK MALLINOCK Want to buy a Wii U LAN Adapter, can't find 180 2 1 day ago by WOODBOY
AJSMITH873 AJSMITH873 Wii U just displaying "Wii U" on TV Screen and GamePad 148 1 1 day ago by WOODBOY
FARFENUGEN FARFENUGEN Error Code 160-2713 1,867 12 2 days ago by JUSTGAME
SPONGEDADDY36 SPONGEDADDY36 Gamepad AC adapter input not working correctly 149 2 2 days ago by SPONGEDADDY36
SUPERIORHOMINID12 SUPERIORHOMINID12 Smash-branded GameCube controller - how long is the cable? 182 1 3 days ago by REDTECH23
GISEDION2 GISEDION2 Can I use a Wii U Pro Controller or a Wiimote to navigate the Wii U menu? 314 3 3 days ago by OFFENDER
BONZOOZNOB BONZOOZNOB Wii U Power cord issues 170 1 3 days ago by REDTECH23
WHOEVERWHATEVER WHOEVERWHATEVER Wii U freezes when launching Wii game? 138 0 3 days ago by WHOEVERWHATEVER
GBUCKLEY044 GBUCKLEY044 Trouble with a new pro controller (after glow) 236 2 3 days ago by DRAGONPEANUT
R3Y_MAN R3Y_MAN Wii U was stolen, what can I do to protect my account and purchases? 179 1 3 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
THESTEALTHONE THESTEALTHONE Wii U and Malware :: Can the Wii U get infected??? 207 1 4 days ago by THESTEALTHONE
SIG SIG HDMI: Full Range RGB? 2,304 6 4 days ago by SIG
LHYAK LHYAK Wii U Game pad Stick little problem. 238 4 4 days ago by LHYAK
GUATAMA GUATAMA Wii U Youtube App Times Out Every time now 176 1 4 days ago by REDTECH23
MMANDL MMANDL Why can't I connect to the Beatles DLC to re-download my purchased songs since doing my Wii U transfer? 495 1 5 days ago by JUSSTACIA2
MANICX98 MANICX98 I Found a Website that Sells Nintendo eShop Cards Digitally - Is it Legit? 250 1 6 days ago by GLACIUSX25
AMELIAMACDONALD AMELIAMACDONALD Wii menu on Wii U resolution problem 196 0 6 days ago by AMELIAMACDONALD
_DP _DP Constant Wii U Gamepad Connection Problems POST REPAIR 2,553 2 6 days ago by COLIN95
GISEDION2 GISEDION2 Help with Wii to Wii U system transfer! 237 1 6 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE