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DR_LOBOTOMY DR_LOBOTOMY How do I back-up Save Data on the Wii U? 817 7 13 hours ago by D00PLAY
M0SH M0SH WiiU eShop no longer loads and Miiverse doesn't respond to my fingers? 847 12 21 hours ago by M0SH
1STNINTENDOFAN 1STNINTENDOFAN WiiU Internet Connection Question. 82 0 1 day ago by 1STNINTENDOFAN
CPM CPM nintendo tvii 57 0 1 day ago by CPM
STEVENINJA STEVENINJA How many online players per Wii U console? 111 1 1 day ago by MARIO
PEANUT_WOLF PEANUT_WOLF Storage space not available for wii U! 128 1 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
JIMBO_JD72 JIMBO_JD72 Wii u / Wii remote syncing problem 495 5 2 days ago by JIMBO_JD72
D00PLAY D00PLAY Wii U Netflix Issues 136 0 3 days ago by D00PLAY
PSUBEF5000 PSUBEF5000 TV Remote useless 132 2 3 days ago by PSUBEF5000
SOULWEAVERR182 SOULWEAVERR182 Wii u update issues, so disappointed. 192 0 4 days ago by SOULWEAVERR182
JA_PETE JA_PETE Save game data on more than one Wii U console 125 1 4 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
NANOG NANOG Brand new Wii U Pikmin 3 - Disc could not be read 203 3 5 days ago by NANOG
XENITIC XENITIC Getting this message when trying to access my friends list while playing MH3U 104 0 5 days ago by XENITIC
ZELDABOY199 ZELDABOY199 Wii U not Outputting to TV 94,070 85 5 days ago by SPYDER2323
CWALSTEAD CWALSTEAD Question Regarding How to Re-download Wii Virtual Console Games onto a Wii U 169 2 6 days ago by CWALSTEAD
JAYANT73 JAYANT73 YouTube phantom volume control 547 3 6 days ago by GREYMATTER3523
THEWIIMAN587 THEWIIMAN587 Wii U Image Share Issue 141 1 6 days ago by SCIENTIST123
FRUNA FRUNA Wii Shop Channel Error Code 051330 226 2 6 days ago by FRUNA
CRYSANIA CRYSANIA Wii u gamepad 211 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
PIKKU PIKKU Nintendo Tvii No Providers Found. 155 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
KARMA9762 KARMA9762 Wii game download placement on wii u 126 1 1 week ago by MARIO
TOMMACHUGA TOMMACHUGA WiiU Freezing on transfer from Wii Fit Meter after latest update tonight. 352 6 1 week ago by ECSOSX
CASPER313_ CASPER313_ Re: Playing old games on new wii u system 345 9 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
JD15 JD15 Playing old games on new wii u system 3,228 3 1 week ago by CASPER313_
YEKCIHMT YEKCIHMT Wii U Internet Problems in Eshop and Miiverse 224 2 1 week ago by YEKCIHMT
CAMSPORTS32 CAMSPORTS32 How to change content download settings 216 2 1 week ago by GAMEPLAY4FUN
FSMITH9009 FSMITH9009 Defective Wii U swapped out by retailer, how to get paid downloaded games back? 201 2 1 week ago by FSMITH9009
------- ------- How to disable Wiiverse 259 3 1 week ago by MARIO
------- ------- Balance Board and Active 2 Accessories disconnect during game 208 2 1 week ago by -------