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CLUBNINTENDO09876 CLUBNINTENDO09876 Wii U Analog stick 73 1 17 hours ago by NINJALIONMAN123
PLAYNWITHPOWER PLAYNWITHPOWER External HDD No Longer Recognized 103 1 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
RORYJG RORYJG How do I change my user name? 157 1 2 days ago by _TANIS_
UNDEADKIDS UNDEADKIDS I can't recover my Smash Bros costume code! 171 1 2 days ago by ETHANATOR10000
SOME_DOOD SOME_DOOD Mewtwo DLC code. 314 1 2 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
ARIE_NARASU ARIE_NARASU Can't share my uploaded MK8 video from you to Miiverse 1,011 4 3 days ago by NOA_TECH_JENN
GISEDION2 GISEDION2 My Wii U suddenly can't connect to Wifi 610 2 3 days ago by LIGHTNINGBUGX
ABC2009 ABC2009 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Digital Game has BROKEN controls. 142 1 3 days ago by MARIO
LORD_CHOJUN LORD_CHOJUN Gamepad extremely short range 53,930 90 3 days ago by JOSEPHPLAYS
ZAT ZAT I have 2 nintendo network ids to the same email. Help! 172 0 4 days ago by ZAT
ERIC11781 ERIC11781 What's the difference between a refurbished and a new console? 253 2 4 days ago by LIQUID144
VRAW VRAW Use the 3ds in Smash Tour 197 3 5 days ago by GLACIUSX25
SAPPH777 SAPPH777 Issues With Wired Connection Within Dorm 175 1 5 days ago by GLACIUSX25
SAINTJOE58 SAINTJOE58 Broken HDMI Port? 147 0 5 days ago by SAINTJOE58
TONYBOLADO TONYBOLADO Used Fit meter 323 2 5 days ago by TONYBOLADO
TAZER4180 TAZER4180 Wii U gamepad Connection 175 0 5 days ago by TAZER4180
LUIGISUPERDUPERFAN LUIGISUPERDUPERFAN Can you install games onto flash drive? 245 2 6 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
PIGWIDGEON2000 PIGWIDGEON2000 Gamepad burn-in: black is green 170 0 6 days ago by PIGWIDGEON2000
SONIC222 SONIC222 Smash Bros. Wii U Replay/Custom Stage limit? 173 0 6 days ago by SONIC222
SONIC222 SONIC222 Cannot save replay data or custom stages in Smash 4 Wii U 471 10 6 days ago by SONIC222
MANICX98 MANICX98 Can You Keep Wii U Save Data on an External HDD? 195 0 6 days ago by MANICX98
II-64 II-64 If my game is stored on HDD, can I save that save data to the internal storage? 189 0 6 days ago by II-64
SBSLAPPY482 SBSLAPPY482 Plus button on GamePad not working 156 0 1 week ago by SBSLAPPY482
XIN_YAN XIN_YAN HELP! Wii Mode doesn't show up on TV but works on Gamepad? 194 0 1 week ago by XIN_YAN
MANICX98 MANICX98 Wii U External HDD Error Code 160-2713 179 0 1 week ago by MANICX98
THEAMAZINGFROG THEAMAZINGFROG My Wii U won't show up on my TV 192 1 1 week ago by SUPERBEEFJERKY
CRESCAT CRESCAT WiiU Internet Connectivity Problems 274 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
DENISONG DENISONG eShop download problem 206 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE
WAKAWAZU WAKAWAZU Super Mario Bros. U Save Transfer 228 1 1 week ago by NIGHTFIRE5
DSOCCER5 DSOCCER5 Transferring SD data after a transfer 215 1 1 week ago by NIGHTFIRE5