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SILENTBOB278 SILENTBOB278 Any updates on Nintendo fixing the Digital Wii games on external storage? 203 5 7 hours ago by ESOTERIC
JOEYRSLZ97 JOEYRSLZ97 Wii U Disc Image Peeling 226 1 13 hours ago by JOEYRSLZ97
ROOIVALKRSA ROOIVALKRSA Wii U tripping my electricity when playing Tipping Stars 85 1 13 hours ago by RETRONOMICS
DSLITE7 DSLITE7 Question about USB Flash Drives with Wii U 64 0 15 hours ago by DSLITE7
DSLITE7 DSLITE7 Strange issue with left analog stick on Gamepad 263 2 15 hours ago by DSLITE7
RAPTOREAGLE2000 RAPTOREAGLE2000 Starting Prime trilogy shuts down wii u 70 0 20 hours ago by RAPTOREAGLE2000
SCOTTLITTLEWOODS SCOTTLITTLEWOODS Accidentally deleted NNID (and all downloaded games) - Cannot find NNID details 173 1 21 hours ago by ESOTERIC
BOOKISH_KATE BOOKISH_KATE Error Code 150-1031 in Hyrule Warriors 124 0 2 days ago by BOOKISH_KATE
LANDOBAARG LANDOBAARG Error code 105-3035 115 0 2 days ago by LANDOBAARG
NICOLASCON69 NICOLASCON69 Wii U Freezing when starting games 118 0 2 days ago by NICOLASCON69
SERAKU SERAKU Wii U No Longer Recognizing USB Storage 199 3 2 days ago by GREATFOX
MDPZ5 MDPZ5 How to Register Super Smash Bros. for Wii U with an already used PIN. 178 2 2 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
LINKORN21 LINKORN21 MY wiiU isnt reading any wii games what should i do? 113 0 2 days ago by LINKORN21
CED94 CED94 Error 150-1031 151 1 3 days ago by CED94
MADFATHER MADFATHER Second Wii U forgot to reformat 135 0 3 days ago by MADFATHER
SUPER_RAYZOR SUPER_RAYZOR Post-Transfer Question 136 0 3 days ago by SUPER_RAYZOR
LORD_CHOJUN LORD_CHOJUN Gamepad extremely short range 45,793 83 3 days ago by KEEBY64
PEANUT_WOLF PEANUT_WOLF Wii U Freezing on Hyrule Warriors?!!!! 249 2 4 days ago by KEEBY64
PARAGONFURYFORUM PARAGONFURYFORUM User Data and Nintendo ID Link - Any Conflict? 202 0 5 days ago by PARAGONFURYFORUM
SYN0079 SYN0079 ERROR 165-6596 1,544 3 5 days ago by KEEBY64
JOSHBROWN79 JOSHBROWN79 Wii U powering up problems after Nov 10 2014 System update 5,202 17 5 days ago by KEEBY64
SIENNADALLAS SIENNADALLAS Invalid Disk Error 212 1 6 days ago by KEEBY64
LEMMY LEMMY Wii U Pro Controller 169 0 6 days ago by LEMMY
PICHUZ PICHUZ my gamepad got wet but only the control stick got damaged 236 1 6 days ago by ONE-OF-THREE
LUNEKI9 LUNEKI9 Can i add Wii Points to use on wii mode if i buy an eshop card? 205 1 1 week ago by NIGHTFIRE5
MURAHIME MURAHIME Gamepad doesn't work 214 0 1 week ago by MURAHIME
POPO12 POPO12 Wii U Error code 165-6596 4,841 6 1 week ago by JAMESWOODARD
EGUILUCARDX EGUILUCARDX Wii U Pro Controller turning off while playing! 271 2 1 week ago by EGUILUCARDX
ILOVEPANDAS12 ILOVEPANDAS12 Nintendoland Deleted 270 1 1 week ago by ONE-OF-THREE