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DIPPER01234 DIPPER01234 Wii U Shop 101 2 9 hours ago by DIPPER01234
REDTECH23 REDTECH23 My Wii U rattles a little bit 48 0 10 hours ago by REDTECH23
ZJARIOFAV ZJARIOFAV network id canceled 91 1 14 hours ago by KINGNOTHINGFACE
YIL58 YIL58 Wii u cannot format usb hdd 258 7 18 hours ago by YIL58
DRKMARIO DRKMARIO GamePad Trouble Button Lag and Unresponsive Buttons? 187 2 18 hours ago by DRKMARIO
LEONDUDE54 LEONDUDE54 My Wii U Gamepad motion control is not working properly? 272 2 18 hours ago by LEONDUDE54
T2TP1977 T2TP1977 Game pad Losing connection 74 0 22 hours ago by T2TP1977
SZ1 SZ1 Error code: 165-8816 236 1 23 hours ago by SZ1
MOZILLO MOZILLO Wii U is chipping off disc print picture on my discs. 182 1 1 day ago by REDTECH23
BOOKISH_KATE BOOKISH_KATE Error Code 150-1031 in Hyrule Warriors 401 2 1 day ago by ONE-OF-THREE
LUIS105 LUIS105 I got kicked off the network and have to sign in again 136 2 1 day ago by LUIS105
TMAN75 TMAN75 Mario Kart 8 Hangs after update 2,591 5 2 days ago by CRAZYPHISH
LORD_CHOJUN LORD_CHOJUN Gamepad extremely short range 50,574 87 2 days ago by RICKY080880
LANDOBAARG LANDOBAARG Error code 105-3035 380 2 2 days ago by KINGNOTHINGFACE
FALCON_USERNAME FALCON_USERNAME Error Code 165-6596 When Playing Smash 4 1,300 3 3 days ago by AMYDOG
CPLUSG18 CPLUSG18 Weird problem with my Wii U and Mario Party 10 347 3 3 days ago by MENCHIE
SKREIL SKREIL Lost case, anyway to get PIN Code back? 656 3 5 days ago by KEEBY64
EGGABOOHO EGGABOOHO Why is Kirby return to dreamland not on the shop in the us? 241 2 5 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
AUSTINH35 AUSTINH35 WiiU - Long First System Update 385 2 5 days ago by NIGHTFIRE5
IVAERAK IVAERAK System format - Theoretical question 192 0 6 days ago by IVAERAK
SCHMEEGLE... SCHMEEGLE... Blank Trophy causes lock up 249 2 6 days ago by KEEBY64
ANTHONYDINO ANTHONYDINO External HDD error, Wii U not loading 1,207 2 1 week ago by PUFFINESSENCE
STRANGETAMER STRANGETAMER Online gameplay error on every game I have?! 222 1 1 week ago by AUSTINH35
DODGE8919 DODGE8919 Game code error after resetting wii u 206 1 1 week ago by MARIO
SILENTNAVI SILENTNAVI Can the Wii U play games of all regions or is it region-locked like the Wii? 223 1 1 week ago by NIGHTFIRE5
MISTERBREADA MISTERBREADA Added typo to Wii U browser dictionary 235 1 1 week ago by NIGHTFIRE5
ISAIAH0123 ISAIAH0123 Just Dance 4 DLC Question 155 0 1 week ago by ISAIAH0123
SNOIPAJ03 SNOIPAJ03 Connecting Wii U to PC 280 1 1 week ago by SUPERMARIO1_
CHUGGAAROCKS CHUGGAAROCKS Wii U Pad help! 243 1 1 week ago by NANATOZG