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Aug 21, 2011 9:40 PM

Pokemon Black Can't access dream world?

Hey so recently I restarted my pokemon black which I bought used. It had hacked pokemon on it and I wanted to have real achivements. So after beating the game, I went onto getting pokes from my gameboy games, and turns out two were hacked. I didn't use them at all and when i found out I realsed them. Soon after, I started the Dream World.

     I went to the website and made an account BEFORE I got my code. Then i went to the main menu on my Pokemon game and went to game sync. I got my code and registered it on the website and it said it was acessible. So I loaded my save file and clicked the c-gear to try and connect to game sync. However it said that I had to wait a day to recharge the battery of it. I did wait and now it still gives me the same message. I did switch from a 3ds to a ds lite, then to a dsi. I really want to connect to the dream world but I can't. Is it because I accidently got hacked pokemon or because I switched the ds's? The wifi works fine its on connecction 4 on my dsi, and I can access the GTS and what not. Please help me


I never got to tuck in a pokemon or ever connect to the dream world by the way.

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Aug 22, 2011 7:20 AM in response to: GAMERULER6789
Re: Pokemon Black Can't access dream world?

This page on the Pokémon support site should have the information that you need.


EDIT: The link didn't work, so I copied the information here.  wrote:


Game sync "Out of Energy" message lasting more than 24 hours.



[Updated Friday, 7/22]



We have confirmed via the PGL development team that any use of  external devices such as the Action Replay, used to modify Game Data,  can cause wide ranging problems with Game Sync, including, but not  limited to, inability to receive a Game Sync ID, extended "Out of  Energy" messages that persist beyond 24 hours and Wi-Fi error codes.

The only means to fix these issues if you have used such a device is  to reset your game and start a new game.  Resetting your game will erase  ALL DATA.  Instructions to reset your game can be found in the game  manual on Page 15 under the heading "How to delete a saved game."

Other Game Sync Information:

First, under normal circumstances, a user can perform a Game Sync  once per CALENDAR day.  This means, if you game sync at 11pm, you will  then be able to game sync again just an hour later, at 12am, as it's a  new calendar day.  Of course, after that, you'd wait until 12am the next  day, and so on.

If you are not using an official Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version cartridge, you will be unable to perform a game sync, or otherwise register your Pokémon data at

However, if you change your system time, or change hardware, there is  a hard, 24 hour wait time penalty.  So, if you were to game sync at  11pm, then again at 12am, and then change your system time to 12am the  following day, the system will recognize this and you will be forced to  wait 24 hours from the first time you save your game after changing the  time.

That means, if you change the system time at 1pm, and then play for  an hour, and save at 2pm, you would have to wait until 2pm the next day  before you would have game sync energy.

This penalty is then enforced again if you change the system time again.  The same is true if you change your system hardware.

Ultimately, the CS team is not able to force your system or account  to be able to game sync if it is out of energy.  While we understand  this is disappointing, we're asking users who are experiencing the out  of energy message to make sure to do the following:

  1. Put your game into your DS system and launch it
  2. Save your game
  3. Attempt to game sync
  4. If you are able to sync, then your issue is resolved.
  5. If you receive the out of energy message, save again and wait 24 hours without changing hardware or system time.
  6. Attempt to sync again (24 hours later)
  7. If you are able to sync, then your issue should be resolved
If you are  still unable to sync, please submit a new question or update an existing  question indicating all of the steps you performed with as much detail  as possible, so that we can have the development team look into the  issue further.


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