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Aug 22, 2011 12:12 PM

Brawl Internet Trouble(taunt party,spam,ect..)

When I play brawl in the "With Anyone" mode when I Join a room its either a spam war(every one spams) a taunt party( everyone taunts like idiots and when you hit one they would all go after you) Its unbearably annoying and thinking about it now  makes me angry I want to punch those stupid noobs in the face.Try to do any one of theses things

1.Remove Brawl's "With Anyone feature completely or

2.have some officials play and if they see a taunt party they dissconectand ban from brawl internetall the people who are of the party ( do not ban people who ar fighting the taunters or fighting in general.

3.Camping and spaming is a problem try to deal with it in any possible way

4. people have been stealing kills in point matches(when some on KOs another player a noob hit the play to gain the pion please change it to stock battle (2 stock is good amount of lives)

thank you  for reading and have a  good day exept for the noobs who dont know how to play (taunt party spamers campers) for which i hope your copy of brawl breaks your wii bricks and all your other wii games break.

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Aug 22, 2011 1:54 PM in response to: ALEX6309
Re: Brawl Internet Trouble(taunt party,spam,ect..)

Is this something like what what you're experiensing?


Are people doing some of the stuff in the article in the link?


I would kind of say that this is sort of normal. More and more people are doing it nowadays. I don't think Nintendo can really do anything about it at all.


My suggestion is to quit Basic Brawl and go to Team Battle. It happens far less often in Team Battle than Basic Brawl.


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