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ROD64 452 posts since
Apr 3, 2010
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Sep 4, 2011 5:42 PM

Error code 208011 when trying to add wii points with MasterCard credit card on the wii shop channel


I have a delicate matter here, as it involves my credit card.


I entered the wii shop channel today to add wii points with a MasterCard credit card. But at the end of the process I got the error code 208011.

When I look the error code on the Nintendo support page, it says:

Error Code: 208011

It appears the card you are using was declined.

Please contact the card's issuer for further assistance.


The point is that I have already used this exact same credit card to add wii points in the past. What's wrong? Should I just try again? I'm afraid to do so, as it might block the credit card or something like that.

NIGHTFIRE5 4,803 posts since
Mar 29, 2011

First, as far as I know, the Wii is unable to "block" credit cards. Second, you used your credit card to add Wii Points in the past...but how long of a past? Two weeks? Two months? Did you make sure that the card had enough funds in order for you to purchase Wii Points? The best thing you could do would be to call your credit card company and ask why the transaction failed, as it sounds like this is an issue with them.

BEARDEDONE 1,636 posts since
Apr 15, 2011

Your bank/card issuer declined the transaction.  You'll have to call them and ask them what happened.

BEARDEDONE 1,636 posts since
Apr 15, 2011

So, you're saying you called the bank, and they blamed your Wii?  In that case, just try again.

ONE-OF-THREE 7,714 posts since
Apr 1, 2010

ROD64  wrote:


OK, something worse has happened.

After trying to do the transaction again, the same message appeared, I didn't received the wii points, BUT THE CREDIT CARD WAS CHARGED WITH $10.

What should I do?

I just called my bank, and they said this was "normal" sometimes, that the transaction should reflect on my Wii after midnight. That's what they told me in their ignorance, and I highly doubt that the wii points will magically appear on the wii, as the transaction was never complete, but the credit card was charged anyway.

I checked my "account activity" on the wii shop channel and no transaction appears there.

No, the Nintendo Points will not "magically appear", but what should happen that in 24~48 hours the $10 charge will automatically be reversed by Nintendo, as it doublechecks to make sure that a person did actually receive the proper amount of points.


And since you didn't, then your credit card will be refunded the money that was charged to it.

ONE-OF-THREE 7,714 posts since
Apr 1, 2010

ROD64  wrote:

I trust you a lot ONE-OF-THREE, so that's what should I do for now? Just wait to see if I get refunded?

Yes, if it was me I would just wait for a couple of days to see if the money is automatically refunded and if after 3~4 days and still no money, then I would contact Nintendo to see if I could either get credit card charge reversed, or the Nintendo Points credited to my Wii Shop account.

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Nov 27, 2011

Hi there, I am going through the exact same situation as you did. My problem is basically the same, I wanted to put 30$ worth of Wii points on Wednesday, only that I tried to make the transaction 4 times with my Visa, recieving the same error code each time (208011). I never got my Wii points and my credit card now shows 4 separate transaction of 30 dollars each, 120.00$$.
Do you mind telling me what you did to resolve this issue? I called Nintendo 3 times before closing hours and they never answered, and my bank really does not care and is just not equiped with the knowledge neccesary for such a situation, And I'm pretty much in a tiffy.
Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.

MACHBIKER 2,470 posts since
Oct 20, 2011

Repeated charges for a transaction that did not actually occur usually self-correct in a few days, based on some previous forum threads on this issue.  Although I believe that the Nintendo call representatives usually can help with this, you can also contact Nintendo via email:

This does sound like an issue with your credit card company, and you should tell them that three of the four charges are illegitimate.


Also, due to the relative age of this thread, one would normally start a new discussion for this.

Jan 22, 2011

You should be wary of posting in old threads. This is called bumping a thread. If you wish to ask this question please ask it but not in an old thread.

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