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Successful Router Connections - Netgear (for Wii)



This collection of router connection success stories was created by our Tech Support Forum community.


All this great content was created by our outstanding forum community members - and we've assembled it all in one place for your convenience.  Here's to your successful connection!





Router models included here:

  • CG814WG
  • WGR614 v.9
  • WGR614
  • WNDR3300
  • WNR834B v.2
  • WPN824 v.3



Question: My router security is set at WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy) 64-bit encryption. In trying to connect my Wii to the router: after I locate my access point (which, again, is WEP secured), if I input the Routers WEP Passphrase and test the connection, I get error code 52030: unable to connect to the internet
Resolution: Error code 52030 still indicates a potential WEP issue and entering the WEP Pass Phrase will cause this error code. You need to enter the WEP Key from "Key 1" inside of your router setting pages.


WGR614 v9
Question:  Error 51330  I'm running a Netgear  and I have all my connection info and passwords/codes but when I go to test connection it fails, anyone have any clues as to why?
Resolution: Here is the error code 51330:


Question:  Would a Netgear WGR614 router work for Wi-Fi games? And it’s set to 802.11g.
Resolution: I would make sure you have the latest firmware. You might need to disable the SPI firewall, but you'll know when you try it out


Question:  We just recently bought a Wireless-N router.  The laptop we use has an internal receiver for wireless-G routers. The laptop CAN connect to the router, but it has a slower connection.
My question is which internal receiver does the Wii have? Wireless-N, or Wireless-G, or both?
Resolution: (not specific to router) The Nintendo Wii supports the IEEE 802.11g protocol, which is also backwards compatible with the older 802.11b protocol. Therefore, the Nintendo Wii will not be able to take advantage of the "N" feature of your router. The good news is that most "N" routers broadcast both 802.11g and n signals at the same time, so you should still be able to successfully connect your Wii online via your "N" router.


WNR834B v2
Question:  I was wondering if anyone had any info on why I possibly can't connect to my wireless router with the Wii I just purchased.  I have a Netgear and I have tried everything that is on the wireless router troubleshooting page.  Does this mean that my router is just incompatible with the Wii or am I missing something?
Resolution: hanks for the help but a representative from Nintendo contacted me and told me to change the broadcast mode to 56 mbps and disable the SPI Firewall.  I did both of these and then it worked.

WPN824 v3
Question:  I’m having trouble with the Netgear. I just purchased a Wii and I can get it to pass the connection test and was able to download the update.  I tried to check out the Shopping Channel and it said I had to accept some agreement.  It said it was connecting to the internet, and then gave me a message saying I cannot connect.  What!?  It passes the connection test but cannot connect to the internet less than a minute later? 
Resolution: I finally got it to work and I think I found out how but something is not right. It's the router that's the problem. Here's what did:

  • Make sure you disable the firewall.
  • Then under advanced, click wireless settings.
  • Then, click setup access list by wireless card access list.
  • Make sure you enter the Wii MAC address if you haven't already done so. (you'll find it under console info on your Wii settings)
  • Checkmark "turn access control on."
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Dec 20, 2010 6:04 PM in response to: NOA_TECH_JANE
Re: Successful Router Connections - Netgear (for Wii)

I have Router CGD24G and am trying to to get wireless connection to my WII. I followed the Nintendo instructions to step 7 where I am shown two possible connections (deselby2 and 4UMU9) both require security code/key. I went to the Nintendo "router/index.jsp" but it is unavailable. How do I fide the key?? 

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Feb 5, 2011 1:00 PM in response to: NOA_TECH_JANE
Re: Successful Router Connections - Netgear (for Wii)

I have problems with the connection of my router TP-Link TL-WR340GD gives me error and will not let me connect to the shopping channel. I can do?

Thank you very much!!!

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May 23, 2011
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May 23, 2011 6:32 PM in response to: NOA_TECH_JANE
Re: Successful Router Connections - Netgear (for Wii)

Theres 1 problem, ive got something called the model:WNDR3400... but it dosn't include in chart... is it correct. or can it not connect to the wii.. please reply ASAP thanks!!!

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