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Dec 19, 2011
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May 6, 2012 9:49 PM

Edit the Play coin system

I realized a while ago that there is a major flaw in the way the 3DS uses its pedometer.  Because each 100 steps earns a play coin, and there is a maximum of 10 play coins to earn per day, users are only encouraged to walk at least 1,000 steps a day, yet most health experts believe that people should get at least ten times that many steps in a day.  It's really disappointing to look at my step count on some days to be over 20,000 and then realize that 19,000 of those steps were meaningless.  I know that the solution can't just be to raise the cap of 10 coins to 100 coins because that would devalue the play coin, but at the same time simply making 1000 steps equal one coin won't solve the problem either.  I think maybe a combination of the two would be cool, or better yet, perhaps a difficulty curve where each play coin required a larger amount of additional steps than the previous one.  Play Coins are interesting because they have the potential to act like a game in and of itself.  They also have the ability to create short-term rewards for excercise that can replace the long-term rewards most people don't have the foresight to percieve as clearly, but these abilities don't work when 1000 steps a day is all they ask for.

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Apr 5, 2010
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May 7, 2012 10:15 AM in response to: SUPERYOSHI4
Re: Edit the Play coin system

First of all, this isn't much of a tech support problem.


Second, I believe you're missing the point of the play coin system.

It allows certain 3DS games to last longer, as specific features of  software are unlocked in the order the player wants, but over enough time that he can enjoy each unlocked aspect individually, as opposed to having everything available at the start, and missing out on most of it.

Think about AR Games. Would you have turned it on after the first few days if you didn't slowly get more games in that time?

In addition to the paced-yourself unlock, the play coin system also encourages carrying the system around to get streetpasses.

In my opinion, the Streetpass system is integral to the 3DS experience. It tips the player off to what games others in his area are playing, how they're doing at them, and creates a micro-community of sorts including the 3DS owners in a given area.

By combining the Streetpass and Play Coin system, you get to continually gain more features in your 3DS games, whether you actually streetpass anyone, or not.

As to why the console only rewards the first 1000 steps?

What happens if you didn't carry it around one day, but you really wanted your daily 10 coins that are able to tip the balance in a game of find mii?

At that point, it would encourage you, after you get home for the day, to take a short walk. That's certainly a healthy thing to do.


So, 10 coins a day for paced unlocks,

Only 1000 steps needed, because Nintendo doesn't want to seem like it penalizes people who simply didn't carry it all day.

However, the play coins encourage the 3DS owner to carry the system around, creating the potential for more Streetpasses, enhancing the experience for all other 3DS owners he walks by.


Its really rather ingenious.

HADAA 292 posts since
Apr 19, 2011
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May 7, 2012 11:29 PM in response to: SUPERYOSHI4
Re: Edit the Play coin system

While I agree you have posted a very interesting suggestion, this is still not a technical support problem. A technical support problem occurs when something is not working the way it is supposed to be, e.g., instead of 300, the number of play coins is somehow over 9000.

In your case, the pedometer/coin system works just the way it is designed - you undoubtly get 1 coin per 100 steps up to 10 coins per day (even if you don't like this design).

It is therefore not a problem and this topic will be locked.

MACHBIKER 2,470 posts since
Oct 20, 2011
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May 8, 2012 7:08 PM in response to: SUPERYOSHI4
Re: Edit the Play coin system

Sure, you can submit suggestions with Nintendo's webform.


It seems to me that Nintendo has put a 10 Play Coin limit per day because every game and application that uses Play Coins uses them only as a supplementary feature.  In games, Play Coins are used to unlock certain things, but if someone could have an unlimited amount of Play Coins, the rarity and intent of Play Coins would be lost.  Nintendo and game designers must balance appropriate daily step counts with what they see as good game design.

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