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Dec 4, 2012 9:25 PM

Wii U Wifi Issues - Cannot acces online services

My Wii U is able to connect to my router perfectly fine. Even though the signal is rather weak, I always get a successful connection test and can use the internetn browser. However, the big problem is that I cannot access any of the online services, such as the Miiverse, eShop, etc, and I cannot do system updates. Usually I get an error code in the 102 or 105 series.The only way I can update is if I put the console in my room (where it's much closer to the router) and use my gamepad as a screen.

The check for online services on startup usually says they're unavailable, and it shows the orange background behinf my mii's head. However, it'll sometimes show the blue background, indicating the online services are available. However, no matter when I try to connect to them, the connection fails. My Wii never had a problem using online services with this signal strength. Do the Wii U online services require a very strong connection?


This is very strange, as the internet connection tests still succeed.

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Dec 4, 2012 9:34 PM in response to: KARATEKID17
Re: Wii U Wifi Issues - Cannot acces online services

Have you tried changing your wireless router is either Channel 1 or 11, as they are usually have the least amount of interference which could be the problem?


Wireless Interference and Signal Strength Troubleshooting



  • Steps to take when trying to improve the signal strength of your wireless network.



What to do:


  • Check the location and distance of your wireless router.

    The further a device is from your wireless router, the weaker its signal strength will be. If your wireless signal has to pass through any walls or floors, this will also weaken its strength. Move the router to a central location within your home and as close to your system as possible.


  • Move any metal objects or electronic devices away from your system and wireless router.

    Metal objects and electronic devices may interfere with wireless signals. If you have any of these, such as filing cabinets, speakers, power strips, or cordless phones, next to your system or wireless router, move them away.


  • Change the wireless channel your router is broadcasting on.

    Wireless routers can broadcast on a variety of channels. Sometimes a specific wireless channel may experience interference from other devices and wireless routers nearby. (How To)


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Apr 30, 2013 6:11 PM in response to: KARATEKID17
Re: Wii U Wifi Issues - Cannot acces online services

I had to reset my IP address on my router before I could update my wii u.

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