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Dec 26, 2012 6:44 AM

Are you kidding me?  Wii U won't update ... error code 108-0144

So I've been trying since 6am this morning to update my Wii U that I purchased for my 5 year old son for Christmas.  At first, of course, the Wii U was unable to connect to my wireless router.  To be candid, this is a $400 purchase.  I've NEVER had issues with any other component/device and connecting to my wireless router.  But, like apparently thousands of others, I had to go through the manual setup of the internet connection and eventually figured out how to make it work (of course the Wii U's IP address, DNS, etc. use 000 instead of allowing you to simply enter something like, you have to enter and it eventually worked.


Then came the update.  Starts to download, then recieved a 108-0144, which apparently means the servers are busy?  Have been trying all morning, and everytime it seems to download a tad more, then I get the same error.


Almost 2 hours of that as of right now.  Guess what, you can't pair any of your Wii Remotes either without doing the System update.  So we can't even play some games or his favorite old Mario Kart game  unless he uses the game pad which is too clunky.


Really, did Nintendo  not think that Christmas would be a pretty busy time for their servers and adjust accordingly?


The original Wii took minutes to setup.  Identified my Wifi right off the bat without issues.  Updated seemlessly.  Cost 1/4 what this one does.


So far I have to say I'm quite frustrated with this purchase.  Excuse me while I go back and try to update for the up-teenth time!

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Dec 26, 2012
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Dec 27, 2012 8:08 AM in response to: PBCSD007
Re: Are you kidding me?  Wii U won't update ... error code 108-0144

I was having the same issue. I just kept repeatedly pressing the update until it finished but now this is getting worst. Im trying to download a demo and i keep getting "error 108-0144" and getting booted off the internet. It connects for like 30 seconds and then i get kicked off then it comes back on then i get kicked off then it comes back on over and over and over again. Im feeling like i wasted my money on this and i dont even have any games yet. I'd be real upset if i had got black ops and got continuously booted offline because of a problem that has nothing to do with my router or ISP.

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Dec 26, 2012 7:34 PM in response to: SACRIFIICIAL
Re: Are you kidding me?  Wii U won't update ... error code 108-0144


While the 108-0144 might indicate a problem with the wireless connection, it may be more due to just that since there are now quite a large numbers of new Wii U consoles trying to be updated, or have games or demos being downloaded onto it all at the same time, no excuse, but just that it might be that Nintendo's servers are being overwhelmed and trying again later when there is less traffic, you might find you can update or download with no problems.


But I have also copy&pasted this error codes trouleshooting tips, just in case that might be needed if you find you are still having problems.



Error Code: 108-0144


  • The update stopped and the error message "Unable to connect to server was received."

  • The update timed out.

What to do:

  • Try the update again.

    After starting the update again, the download will continue where it left off. [How to]

  • Check for wireless interference.

    Wireless interference between your Wii U and wireless router may be causing the download to time-out.

    As an easy solution, try moving the Wii U into the same room as your wireless router during the update, and then moving the Wii U back once the update is complete.

    If you are unable to do this, try our more extensive wireless interference troubleshooting. [How to]

  • Enter an alternate DNS into your Wii U console's settings.

    Using an alternate DNS may improve your ability to complete the Wii U system update. [How to]

Still Not Resolved:

  • If the issue persists, please contact us at 1-800-255-3700. Specially trained representatives will be available to assist you, 6:00am - 7:00pm (PST), seven days a week.

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