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May 11, 2010 7:59 PM

Easy Tether App for Android

Ok, here's one that all my tech friends are stumped by....    

I installed an app on my Android phone called Easy Tether. This allows me to use the 3g internet from my phone on my PC. In the description for the app, it says that you can hook up your PS3, XBox AND YOUR Wii. So what do I do? Go out and purchase a long desired very own Nintendo Wii! After many long days and countless nights, I cannot get this thing to get hooked up to my Wii. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am running Windows XP and I have tried ICS numerous times.

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May 12, 2010 3:03 PM in response to: CAPTAINBOSS
Re: Easy Tether App for Android

Unfortunately, but it may be a case of mistaken advertising, as I believe that it is either not possible or extremely difficult to get the Wii console to connect to any type of mobile phone wireless card, or even use its type of Internet, sorry.


So perhaps you should try contacting the maker of this application to see if they have any tips on how to do it, since they say it can be done.:)


And you could also try calling Nintendo's 1-800-255-3700 (6 am ~ 7 pm Pacific, everyday) Customer Service number, or use their webform to contact them, as perhaps I am mistaken and there is an easy way to do this.

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Feb 27, 2011 8:48 AM in response to: CAPTAINBOSS
Re: Easy Tether App for Android

and so the so called expert fails... Here is the right way to get your Wii to use easytether. (this will also work with other tether apps for android or other devices)  the process is not straight forward as the app discription makes it seem.  You actually need more hardware than just the phone and USB cable and computer to get this to work.


Things you will need:

android phone that supports the app

Computer (this is the key here)

USB cable for phone (best not to clog up the wifi)

Wii (or other device)

Wifi Router with supported chipset (see working Router list for details)

Network cable

     Optional equipment: Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector if you have one that works with the computer. or other USB wifi sharing device.  or the network adaptors for your given system (Wii has a USB based lan adaptor which will work too)


Step 1: set up easytether on you phone and your computer

     Step 1.5: check the box that says UDP passthrough

Step 2: set up the computer to share the easytether connection out of the LAN port (this varries on your computers Operating system, Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Etc.)

Step 3: connect the computer to the wifi router as the internet connection source

     Step 3.5: make sure router is plugged in (should be a duh but just in case)

Step 4: set the wii (or other device) to connect to the router. (Wi-Fi or network cable)

Step 5: play your games online.


Optionally you can use a patch cable (modified Lan cable) and plug it directly to the system using the USB network adaptor available for the wii so that a router will not be required.



Keep in mind that this is not somthing you should do often.  if you abuse this Verizon (or your carrier) will catch on and charge you big time.  And could possibly ruin it for everyone. (T-Mobile is notorious for this)  Happy gaming everyone.


a small note. make sure your android is in a spot where it gets the best  signal possible.  but don't expect exceptional results.  I can  guarantee many games won't like playing over 3G (Super Smash Bros Brawl  comes to mind)

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