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Jun 16, 2010 5:58 PM

Does the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit actually work?

I want to play SSBB (Hence my username) but my game got scratched, So I used some cleaning solution called "Scratch Off!" the stuff made my disk worse so I put it in and It won't read the disk, I thought I just had to buy a new game so I did. The game that was fresh off the shelf didn't work either! I looked up my problem and I heard about the kit. I heard it works but I also heard it screws up your wii or doesn't work at all.....



So I'm asking the people that actually did try it, Does the kit actually work?


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Jun 17, 2010 1:43 PM in response to: BRAWLER969
Re: Does the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit actually work?



As it appears you used a 3rd party solution cleaning kit, to clean the lens inside your Wii console - I recommend trying Nintendo's Official Wii Lens Cleaning Kit, within Nintendo's Online Store.


If this solution doesn't work, you may either setup a cleaning and/or repair by Nintendo by calling Nintendo at the number I provided below, or online by Clicking Here.





6am - 7pm, Pacific Time, 7 days a week.



Hope this helps and good luck!

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Jun 18, 2010 9:15 PM in response to: BRAWLER969
Re: Does the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit actually work?

Sorry, even "Experts" can make a simple reading mistake and misread that you tried cleaning your video game disc and thought it was your console.:)


And to answer your question, yes I and a lot of other people have used the Wii Lens Cleaning Kit and it hasn't ruined/destroyed their consoles, but have actually cured most of the disc reading problems that can result from a dirty optical lens.:)


However, there is no guarantee that using that cleaning your lens will fix your console, especially in the case of a problem with the SSBB video game, as since it is a dual-layered video game, it is harder for the console to read it and if there is a problem with the optical lens, perhaps it is beginning to fail, then any disc read error messages will first begin to appear with this and other dual-layered discs, while the console can play normal video games trouble free.


So even though Computers may have misread your original post, the advice was correct and is still the same, try the lens cleaning kit and if it doesn't cure the problem, then a repair is needed, which Computers kindly gave you the links to both and also the Nintendo telephone contact information if you need it.

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