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Nov 17, 2010 9:50 AM

InternetConnection not working most of the time

About a week ago, my Wii would not connect to the internet.  I followed the troubleshooting steps and it was able to do a system update.  The very next screen when I tried connecting to the Internet, I got the same message as before.  It was connecting to the internet fine ever sence I got the Wii.  It has been connecting to the same router.. nothing has changed!  Now it seems to be choosing when it wants to connect to the internet.  After the initial problem, it hasworked about 10% of the time... the other 90% I get the same error message as before.  I watched movies all day yesterday using the netflix channel with no problems now today its not working!!!!!


Im getting this error code:



Every other device in my house works fine with the router.  I have not changed the password to the router sence its initial set up.  I have tried power cycling.  I have tried resetting the routers' password.  I have tried power cycling my Wii.


I am using a D-Link Model# WBR-2310 wireless router.  Connected to a Motorola style  MSTATEA DSL modem.

Wii software version is 4.3U.  Wii Model # RVL-001(USA)


Everything was working perfect until a week ago!!!! Please help!

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Nov 17, 2010 4:30 PM in response to: CLARKTHEPALLY
Re: InternetConnection not working most of the time

make sure you have the latest firmware and g only mode is disabled.

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Jul 15, 2011 7:36 AM in response to: CLARKTHEPALLY
Re: InternetConnection not working most of the time

After moving I started having this issue frequently...Difficulty connecting to the internet and Netflix (especially Netflix). Tried a few tricks on this forum.

Here is the one that seemed to have worked for me:


Electromagnetic Interference! My Wii was on the shelf below my med-high end receiver, and near my subwoofer outside of the cabinet. I think the energy put out by them was interfering with the wii electronics. The cursor was also not steady; it was bouncing around on its own. That issue is now gone or at least greatly reduced. I am going to try moving it farther away to see if that goes away altogether. In addition, I am going to make sure none of the wires (especially the sensor bar) are wrapped around or too close to other wires for good measure. I would say that my Wii was about 3-4 inches from my receiver and 4-6 inches from my subwoofer. It is now approx. 8-9 inches from the receiver and 2+ feet from my subwoofer. Going to move it more and clear the wires and hopefully that will help.


Here are a few other things I tried that did not help (or hurt):


Set my Wii to match the universal time (it was several hours off because of my move), look in the calander under wii settings to change this.

I would recommend using the above link for Naval Observatory Master Atomic Clock (the clock off your computer does not auto sync and has nothing to do with "internet" time. Some networks and software actually do use time requirements, and since Netflix does not want multiple users using the same account, I could see how this might matter.


I restarted my Wii


I restarted my Router & Cable modem


I changed my router to channel 1 (because of some random forum advice). I do not think this was useful, Wii appears to be able to connect to Wi-Fi on any channel, and I do not like #1 because of how many other networks in the area use channel 1. Using the same channel can cause some interference/noise, and maybe a few slowdowns, but almost never a lack of service.


I have previously deleted Netflix, reinstalled


I have deleted and reentered my Wi-Fi settings.


I was about to manually confirure my network to assign IP addresses to my various devices, but that would have been more of a pain.


I hope this helps...If it does not; and at least they are easy fixes and don’t involve calling a helpdesk.


***Edited to remove links to external websites.  Please do not advertise external websites or programs on the tech forums.  Thanks!***


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