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Feb 27, 2011 8:55 PM

Help! Problems with Just Dance and Just Dance 2

The problem initally started when I attempted to download the free song "Firework" by Katy Perry for Just Dance 2. The song supposedly dowloaded completely, but didn't show up in the song selection. When I went to my archives I got the following message:


The  license for the catalog has been deleted from the Wii System Memory. To  use the add-on content, re-download a content for which the license has  been previously purchased.


I called Nintendo. The person I spoke to had never heard anything like it and told me to call  Ubisoft. Ubisoft gave me 2 fixes: first, to go to the Wii menu and erase  the Just Dance 2 shopping cart from data storage then re-download the  song. This made no difference. I re-downloaded the song 5 times and  still got the message when I went to the archives (of course, the song  still didn't show up in my song list either). I called Ubisoft again. The  second guy told me to choose the Just Dance 2 icon and erase the data in  it. I made him stay on the line while I attempted to re-download the  song. It still didn't work. He told me that since I only had the option to "re-download" instead of just "download" on the Katy Perry song the problem was a corrupted file in my Wii and to call Nintendo. Great.


So, not only am I getting the run-around, since that second call to Ubisoft, the game won't save  any of my scores. All of my saved data for Just Dance 2 has been deleted (e.g., Just  Sweat stats) and every time I restart the game all of my previous scores  are gone. Aaarghhh. Also, when I go into Saved Data from the Wii menu, the only clickable option I have for Just Dance 2 is "erase"; move and copy are dim. So I did call Nintendo again and, once again, the customer service rep was perplexed and had never heard of anything like it. The only option, according to her supervisor, was to send the Wii and the game to Nintendo so they could look at it, which would take about 4 weeks round trip. That's convenient.


I called Ubisoft one more time and got a very surly and unhelpful operator who had no answers other than to try the game in another Wii. If the scores saved on it, the problem was with my Wii, if not, buy a new game. Now when I play Just Dance (1) the high scores are correct, but every time I finish a song it tells me I've got the high score, even when I don't.


To summarize:

Problem #1 - free download won't download and I get a weird message when I go to the archives.


Problem #2 - in an attempt to fix problem #1, Just Dance 2 now won't save any of my scores or previous data


Problem #3 - Just Dance 1 saves scores, but claims every score is a high score


All I wanted was to download one free song! Also, I find it very suspicious that posts on other websites (including Ubisoft) mentioning the error message above mysteriously disappear after a day or two...


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Mar 1, 2011 5:15 PM in response to: MERMADRIA
Re: Help! Problems with Just Dance and Just Dance 2

that sounds like one corrupt memory/game to me... Have you tried it on another wii???


oh, yeah, the copy or move items are dim cause you use online wifi with it....

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Apr 12, 2010
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Mar 1, 2011 5:59 PM in response to: MERMADRIA
Re: Help! Problems with Just Dance and Just Dance 2

it all depends on whether it saves on another wii or not. If it does, then its probably your wiis memory, but if the same thing happens on another wii, then it might be a game coding (or anything within the game) issue (defective)

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Jul 28, 2011
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Jul 28, 2011 3:28 PM in response to: MERMADRIA
Re: Help! Problems with Just Dance and Just Dance 2

Yea i know right and it still isnt fixed because i got the game 11 days ago and i have the same problem!!!!! i never sought help so i dont have the whole problem with it not saving my scores and all, but its ridiculous because my friends and my cousins dont have this problem. all of them downloaded it with no trouble at all (not from the same game, but from their own games on their own wiis). this problem is very aggravating and now im kind of worried about seeking help after reading about what happened to wii... please  MERMADRIA reply if it ever worked on another wii for you, or if it was the game that was corrupted!!!

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