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Apr 7, 2011 9:26 AM

If I format my Wii System memory will it affect my...

Hello, even though I've followed this forum since it's opening (by the way, still waiting for that real Nintendo forum ) and I've read all sorts of problems regarding both the Wii and DS consoles, and even learned some stuff, but now it's my turn to ask.


Lately, I've been having a very strange error when playing one specific Wii game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, the error which reads something along the lines of "Cannot access Wii System Memory." (can't remember the exact wording of it all), the strange thing about this error screen is that it does not happen in any other of my games. Obviously, as you might tell, this creates a problem as I cannot continue playing. Now, I've searched around the internet for possible solutions and all I've found is that it might be a corrupt save file for a game I have saved on my Wii Memory; well seeing I was desperate I decided to delete the save file for the actual game that was giving me trouble (PES 2011). It did nothing, and the error keeps happening.


Now my question is this, does re-formatting my Wii system memory create a good chance of fixing this problem? Do I have hope?


The actual disc is in pristine condition by the way, so it's not like the disc is scratched or dirty, and the actual Wii lens seems to be clean as well since I don't seem to have any problems with my other games, GameCube or Wii.


Also, I have another question I have, is that if I do decide to go on with the formatting of the system, will it affect my Rock Band 3 DLC? I know my Wii Shop Channel purchases are safe, but it's just difficult to find clear answers on this specific problem of 'external' DLC.


Thanks, and hopefully you guys can give me some good news.

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Apr 8, 2011 4:25 PM in response to: KAISER_GLIDER
Re: If I format my Wii System memory will it affect my...

I would not format the wii

I would:


1.  Update the Wii to the latest system menu version through the settings

2.  Delete save data again

3.  Try the wii lens cleaning kit


I doubt formatting would give you an advantage

In fact formatting only creates more problems


I would definataly try the lens cleaning kit!!


Hope I helped!!!    

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