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Jun 10, 2011 11:58 PM

DSi - Power light on, both screens black

So like it says in the title, my DSi will turn on, but nothing shows up. The power light lights up blue, but both screens are black.  This happened 1x a few months ago and no matter how often I turned it on and off, the same thing would happen. It finally worked again when my friend said he just "squeezed" it. I'm assuming something electrical made contact again when he did that, but who knows. Since then, the console would do that once in awhile, usually when I first turn it on or sometimes when the game is changing to a new scene/screen. It would usually go back to normal after a few restarts. But NOW, the screens really won't budge and just stay black...


I've had the console for over a year, maybe 2. It's never been dropped or banged up or been spilled on. First time it blacked out was just over a year, I think. (Figures it screws up right after the warranty period!) Anyone else had the same problem? Any suggestions (other than the usual "Call Customer Service")?

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Jun 11, 2011 3:21 AM in response to: RKUBIX
Re: DSi - Power light on, both screens black
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Jun 24, 2011 8:48 PM in response to: RKUBIX
Re: DSi - Power light on, both screens black

I'm afaraid repairs may be nessary. If this wasen't your falt the repairs may be free though. but if this was your falt then expect a $50-$75 repair fee not including shipping. nintendo's number should be on the back of your DSi/DSiXL/3DS, I'm not shure about my DSi though because it has a licenced medal cover over it, but my DSiXL and 3DS have it on the back.

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